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In MongoMapper I can use the following query to search for items based on regex match:

Foo.where(:name => /Foo.*/)

How can I search for items that their name field do not match /Foo.*/?

You can use $not

db.customers.find( { name : { $not : /acme.*corp/i } } );

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If you're in python (pymongo), this won't work, you get a confusing error about how you should use BSON regex.

However, it will accept python regex objects directly:

db['collection'].find({'name': {'$not': re.compile("^__TEST")}})

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Or something like this in mongomapper also works to search for the case where an email domain is not found in the email field, and approved if false:

non_org_email_users = org.users.where(
  :email => { '$not' => /@#{org.official_email}/i }, 
  approved: false).all

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