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I am using Sublime text to write some HTML and CSS files. I've created my index.html:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

  <!--  Meta  -->
  <meta charset="UTF-8" />

  <!--  Styles  -->
  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">

  <h1 style="text-align:center">RainyDayBakes</h1>
  <nav style="text-align:center">
    <a href="C:\Users\sarah\Documents\Simmons\CS-321\page1.html"> About </a>
    <a href="page2.html"> Menu </a>
    <a href="page3.html"> Gallery </a>
    <a href="page4.html"> Order </a>
    <a href="page5.html"> Contact Us </a>

  <img src="cake.png" alt="oreo crumble cake" class="center">

  <h3>Welcome to RainyDayBakes!</h3>
  <p>We are a local bakery specializing in creative cakes, cupcakes and cookies!</p>
  <p>In addition to being open daily we also offer custom ordered confections.</p>

  <!-- Scripts -->
  <script src="scripts/index.js"></script>


my page1.html:

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <meta charset="UTF-8" />
    <title>This is Page One </title>


and my style.css:

    h1 {

When I try to run index.html in Chrome, the link to page1.html says it doesn't exist, and the CSS won't show up. They're all in the same folder, I've saved all the files, and I'm running on Chrome. Every other solution I've found refers to making a typo, the directories being different, etc. but as said, they're all in the same folder, and I haven't noticed a typo (but it's entirely possible when you're too close to your code).

First off, you're not even using the tag anywhere in your code, so that's why the style isn't showing up. Secondly, if they are in the same folder, just link your about page to page1.html; not the full directory listings.

I am not able to open my HTML file in my web browser. What should , Though you are saving your file using .html, it will save in txt I am not able to open my HTML file in my web browser. What should I do? I have Javascript enabled, but my browser won't load some Javascript. What could  I am trying to open this html file but it wont. I wrote this code on my notepad, saved it with a .html extension. But when I try to open the html doc, the browser opens and the homepage is displayed. I did not find any mistake with the code though, anyways it is given below.

You are using typographical quotes in your links' href attributes, which won't work. Change those to regular quotes.

My HTML file won't link with my Javascript file, So, I would try my comments : Change the script.js path to : "../js/script.js"; Change the worker passed script to "../js/mod4_worker.js". As GGG  Don't forget to send your client the .js file, the .html file, and any sounds or images folders that were created. It's worth deleting those folders before you do a publish after deselecting the spritesheet option, because the folder will still contain the JSON and texture map files, which won't be needed.

Let the link be this way instead href="page1.html"

How Open html files - Google Chrome Community, I can't open my HTML files with Chrome The next way is to type Ctrl-O, find the file in the Windows Explorer box, and then click on open . Use The Open With Command Find the HTML file you want to view, right-click on it, and choose Open with from the menu. You will see a full list of Select Google Chrome from the list, and view your file in the browser.

You might want to put a link to your CSS file on all your pages, I don't see it on your page1.html You probably already know about this resource but I mention it just in case you don't: W3 Schools is very handy for a quick reference to a lot of HTML/CSS questions.

My First Page, Why is GOOGLE CHROME not opening up my HTML files? I've been working on a project for days. I used to edit, open that up, refresh and  First create a file in your desktop and named it hello.html (.html is the extension. It should be there… If you are using basic notepad then a hidden extension should be there. Though you are saving your file using.html, it will save in txt mode.

So you have two issues:

  1. For page1.html, would suggest adding file:// or file:/// to the beginning of the href element, or maybe retyping the line since the other links worked
  2. For your CSS, remove the tag, it's for when you put the style inside the HTML file(embedded)

Why is GOOGLE CHROME not opening up my HTML files , So I created an html page with TextEdit on my mac saving it at an HTML file, however We won't be able to see what you see with your link. Now, in that new one that should have opened, go to File → Open. Click Browse… and find the file you just saved (“index.html”, unless you were cheeky and called it something else). Click the Open button. Your page will appear in all it’s glory. You did it! Huzzah! Ok, now smile. ☺

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What Is an HTM or HTML File? (And How to Open Them), Create an HTML file. In the TextEdit app on your Mac, choose File > New, then choose Format > Make Plain Text. Enter the HTML code. Choose File > Save 

Work with HTML documents in TextEdit on Mac,

  • I did initially simply use page1.html (as shown in the other sample links) and it wasn't working, so I followed a suggestion on another page to include the full directory.