How to display related data in html with Angular 7

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I am new to Angular 7. I am trying to display a product's color on html side with Angular 7 but I couldn't succeed.

My tables are like below;











In product.component.ts file, product variable is declared

public product: Product;

On Product screen, I am trying to display product's colors with code below

{{ product.ProductColorRelations[0].Name }}

But it doesn't display the color's name. What am I doing wrong here?


Since your data is an array of products you can do this the following way

{{ products[0]?.ProductColorRelations[0]?.Color?.Name }}

But the best option is to loop through each product using *ngFor

<div *ngFor="let product of products">
   {{ product?.ProductColorRelations[0]?.Color?.Name}}

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Try this:


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As color's name is in colors array you need to write in html like this:

{{ product.ProductColorRelations[0].Color.Name }}

and it'll give you the perfect result.

Displaying Data - ts - GUIDE, You can display data by binding controls in an HTML template to properties of an redisplay occurs after some kind of asynchronous event related to the view,� Angular ngFor is an inbuilt directive that helps us to loop through the backend data and display the data at the frontend. We can display the data in whatever format we want. The general use case is to display the data in tabular format means in table format. In the real Angular app, the data is dynamic coming from the backend API.

As the question is not clear if printed console belongs to the product itself.

There are two ways to make sure the same. In your HTML you can write something like this to make sure what data is present in the product.

{{ product | json }}

It will help you to see what is coming in your product object.

If it is a product object mentioned in the console then,

{{ product?.ProductColorRelations[0]?.Color?.Name }}

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