How to convert a datetime into date without changing the data type in SQL Server?

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How to split this TimeStamp column without changing data format?

I have a column TimeStamp which is in datetime format, and I just want to keep the date part (in datetime format).

I tried to use

CONVERT(DATE, "TimeStamp")

it shows only the date part, but the format is nvarchar(10).

SQL Code:

    CONVERT(DATE, "TimeStamp") AS Date

My expected result:

TimeStamp (datetime)    Date (datatype: datetime)
2017-03-10 07:30:25     2017-03-10
2017-03-10 07:30:28     2017-03-10
2017-03-10 07:31:30     2017-03-10
2017-03-10 07:31:39     2017-03-10

Tysss I have made a demo for you please try this, Here I have used GETDATE() for return current date with a timestamp where you have to pass your column name as you showed in the question which is TimeStamp.








2019-05-17 00:00:00.000

I think you need the only date from TimeStamp so, you need to change the datatype DATE else if you will keep your datatype DATETIME then it will return date something like 2019-05-17 00:00:00.000

How to convert a datetime into date without changing the data type , This is too long for a comment. In SQL Server, a date is essentially a datetime with no time component. You can do the conversion simply by� Convert Datetime to Date Summary: in this tutorial, you will learn how to convert a datetime to a DATE by using the CONVERT (), TRY_CONVERT (), and CAST () functions. To convert a datetime to a date, you can use the CONVERT (), TRY_CONVERT (), or CAST () function. Convert datetime to date using the CONVERT () function

select GETDATE() as TimeStamp,
convert(date, getdate()) as date

Convert Datetime into date data type in SQLserver, Starting in SQL Server 2008 We will try to change the Data Type to smalldatetime: How to convert sql date into different formats in T-SQL use the format of your preference, because you do not need to know the style. CONVERT () function used to convert DATETIME to DATE The CONVERT () function is used to change not only the DATETIME but any other value into any type of data we need. The syntax for converting a DATETIME to DATE using the CONVERT function is:

SELECT CONVERT(date, getdate());

SQL convert date, In this tutorial, you will learn how to convert a datetime to a DATE in SQL Server by using the CONVERT(), TRY_CONVERT(), and CAST() functions. I have to remove time stamp from a datetime datatype in SQL server and want to keep the output data type as date with this format -> mm/dd/yyyy (This outpu should be displayed as date data type not as a string data type ). I am using SQL server 2012. Please help . Thanks

Convert Datetime to Date in SQL Server By Practical Examples, To change the format of the date, you convert the requested date to a string You can also format the date or time without dividing characters, as well as concatenate the date and time string: TRY INSERT INTO #dateFormats SELECT CONVERT(nvarchar, SQL Server 2008 Date and Time Data Types. The datetime data type includes the date and time, with a 3 digit fractional seconds part. Its accuracy is rounded to increments of .000, .003, or .007 seconds. However, the date data type has an accuracy of 1 day (and it doesn’t include the time, as mentioned). Example 1 – Implicit Conversion

Date and Time Conversions Using SQL Server, SQL Server: Convert string to date explicitly The second approach for converting data types is the explicit conversion which is done by using some functions or tools. In SQL Server, converting a string to date explicitly can be achieved using CONVERT (). CAST () and PARSE () functions.

T-SQL contains functions to convert data types. We will use CAST and CONVERT to do a SQL convert date. Let’s start with CAST first: How to convert from varchar, nvarchar, char, nchar to sql date using CAST. The following example, will show how to convert characters to a datetime date type using the CAST function:

  • The conversion does return a Date, not nvarchar, as it should when I tested on MSSQL 2016. Where do you get a nvarchar as a result?
  • Hi Sami, I checked the result again, it showed the date part as above but datatype is nvarchar(10). I dont know what is the problem.
  • How did you check the datatype? If I use SQL_VARIANT_PROPERTY to get the datatype it says date.
  • Do you insert result of this query into some table with column of type nvarchar(10)? Also your requirement to convert from type1 to type2 but that the result had type1 is unreasonable...
  • using as SELECT CAST(GETDATE() AS DATE) AS DATE enough I think.
  • Could you post result of that screenshot as text (if you find attaching result neccessary) or at least trim it as most of this image is white background and tooltip hides the query anyway?