Howto do project structure "src/main/java" in eclipse`?

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sometimes i face project structures in Package Explorer that are at "src/main/java". But if i work for myself it is only "src". Howto take controll of that?

Difference between two projects in eclipse: left: one folder named "src/main/java" right: one folder named "src", one subfolder named ""

Thanks - Enomine

Difference: Let's first understand the meaning of both the folders. In the left image src/main/java is the source folder which is used by eclipse to build the project. In the right image src is the source folder with the package

Solution: It is not possible to edit your source folder So you have to copy your files and create a new source folder with name src/main/java.

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Project structure and pom

I think i did right now. I clicked right, choosed "Build Path" -> "New Source Folder". Then it worked. With the Properties-Menue "Java Build Path" it didn't work.

Thanks - Enomine

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The projects with src/main/java as source folder are maven projects. Maven is a build infrastructure which i.a. manages library dependencies, and provides conventions for the project folders, like src/test/java for unit test sources, and src/main/resources for non-java sources like images and *.properties files.

Best would be to import the project as maven project (here it is not gradle). It might be that you need a plugin in eclipse; for a while I am using an other IDE.

Create a new maven as trial.

Maven projects are controlled by a pom.xml so a recognition as maven project is best.

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The default source folder for a Java Maven project is src/main/java. In the project on the right, the source folder is set to src via the following line in the pom.xml file:


If you remove the line or change the value, right-click the project and choose Maven > Update Project... to have Eclipse read the pom.xml file and update the source folder location accordingly.

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In my opinion, there are two ways how to solve it: 1. go to project -> build path -> configure build path -> Java build path and then in source tab add your src/main/java folder 2. There is also an arrow near the "Project explorer" which lets you customize your workspace. you can try to change "project presentation" or "package presentation"

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  • Well, have you tried creating the "src/main/java" directories by yourself? Afterwards edit the build path and set "src/main/java" as "source folder".
  • Yes, i did. "milo0.3.0Server\src\main\java" exists
  • So the edit the build path, remove the entry for "src" and "add folder" where you select your "src/main/java" folder.
  • The source folder can be configured in Project > Properties: Java Build Path, tab Sources. The default source folder for plain Java projects (New > Java Project) is src, for Maven and Gradle projects it is src/main/java.
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