Floating label is not respect the border area

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I'm creating a form using angular material and using the mat-form-field with the appearance = "outline" property I'm having the image problem when the image loads and I click the input:

But when you click reload the page it is normally displayed as shown in this image:

I've identified that this problem occurs when I load the page for the first time or by reloading using ctrl + F5. This problem occurs with all inputs, including those that have a placeholder with only 3 letters and even without having an icon in the input as well.

Anyone know how I can adjust this?

Edit1 : follows the code of one of my inputs:

          <mat-form-field appearance="outline">
            <input matInput formControlName="sobrenome">
              *ngIf="firstForm.controls['sobrenome'].hasError('required') || firstForm.controls['sobrenome'].touched">
              Informe um sobrenome válido!

          <mat-form-field appearance="outline">
            <mat-label>Data de nascimento</mat-label>
            <input matInput [matDatepicker]="picker" formControlName="dataNasc">
            <mat-datepicker-toggle matSuffix [for]="picker"></mat-datepicker-toggle>
            <mat-datepicker #picker></mat-datepicker>
              *ngIf="firstForm.controls['dataNasc'].hasError('required') || firstForm.controls['dataNasc'].touched">
              Informe uma data de nascimento válida!

Check your code errors with ng s --aot, this happen because you have template code errors.

Float label pattern in UX form design | by CanvasFlip, The very first time an input pattern had a float label pattern was in August 2013. The whitespace row and field border gets in the way of their visual With respect to user's ease in cross checking the inputs before submitting form In pattern one (top aligned label), the field highlights, but not the text label. The result is that the floated button is enclosed within the block area defined by the div tag. You can then add margins to the button if needed to adjust your styling. In the original HTML and CSS, the floated button was out of the content flow so the border of the div would be positioned with respect to the in-flow text, which does not include any floated elements.

you should not use an image instead use material icon like this blitzy

<mat-icon matSuffix>calendar_today</mat-icon>

Float Labels with CSS, It's not quite as sexy as the Nest ones, where the text is fading out as the label is already using, or by growing the area temporarily only for the focused input. link Floating label The floating label is a text label displayed on top of the form field control when the control does not contain any text or when <select matNativeControl> does not show any option text. By default, when text is present the floating label floats above the form field control. The label for a form field can be specified by

I resolved, I had erased the standard subject matter statement from the angular material, added it again, and no longer presented the problem. Thank you.

Don't Use The Placeholder Attribute — Smashing Magazine, This should be reason enough to not use the attribute. reported by their browser's IP address (to say nothing of VPNs), and we should respect that. This little trick provides an extra area for interacting with the input, which can be Placeholders acting as labels, as well as floating labels, cannot do that. One thought on “ Pure CSS Floating Labels For Text Fields ” Chirag Suthar January 22, 2016 hello, i have to use span tag above is not working ,please check attched image:

Material Theme Changelog, badge: extract badge-border-radius variable; breadcrumb: extract breadcrumb- link-border-radius floating label overlapping kendo-jquery: no interactive states in material editor toolbar after dart-sass refactoring multiselect: increase close button hit area; pager: font-size and alignment corrections; tabstrip: extract � But when I do this, the containing div shrinks to fit the non-floating objects, and the floating objects will be either all the way out, or half out, half in, and not have any bearing on the size of the big div. Why is this? Is there something I'm missing, and how can I get floated items to stretch out the height of a containing div?

Input Floating Label not floating on production � Issue #2161 , I am using floating labels on inputs to show what they must contain. On development, it works perfectly, but when I create the app on production� 3. Text label Container. The width of an extended FAB’s container can be fixed or fluid. A fixed width container is defined by the cumulative width of the icon, text label, and padding. A fluid width container is defined by its relationship to something else on screen, such as screen width or the layout grid.

Things sure have gotten easier than they were! The reason is that we can finally style the ::before and ::after pseudo-elements on the <input> tag itself. This means we can keep and style an <input> and won’t need any extra elements.

  • Please update your question with a source code example of the HTML used to create one of the inputs.
  • added code, tnks
  • on this page I have no style added. I added the HTML of the image input too.
  • Can you try <mat-form-field [style.width.px]="300"> and see if that fixes it. I have a feeling this is a sizing issue.
  • did not work. Strange because after refreshing the page it works normally =(
  • I checked with this command but did not point to any errors in the template
  • Delete your label of your input and use the label as input placeholder instead.
  • this occurs in all inputs, including those with no icon =(
  • Maybe you have some styles that are causing this check if you can reproduce it on my blitzy link
  • I can not simulate the problem in blitzy = (