How to list all the services running with a service account in a server using Powershell

I want to update the password of all the services running under one account on multiple servers using powershell. i tried Get-process, Get-WMIObject cmdlets, but these two commands don't have serviceaccount usage. is there a way to update password of all the services running with an account by passing service account,password as parameters to the script.

To get list of services using a particular account you can do:

Get-WmiObject "win32_service" -Filter "StartName='domain\\user'"

To change the password for these, you can do:

Get-WmiObject "win32_service" -Filter "StartName='domain\\user'" | 

From here:

Powershell script to find Services using Administrator account, So you can forget the -computername part and just go with Get-WmiObject Some error occur in Server A or there is no service start up with Administrator in Server you can use this command to have all the services running with the name that i run the command and it seemed to generate a list of services and accounts� Cool Tip: Start/Stop a service in Windows from the CMD & PowerShell! Read more → List Services Using PowerShell. List all services: PS C:\> Get-Service. Search for specific service: PS C:\> Get-Service | Where-Object {$_.Name -like "*myService*"} Get the status of a specific service: PS C:\> Get-Service myService. Get a list of the running services:

try this:

Function GLOBAL:GET-PROCESSUSER ( $ProcessID ) {

    (GET-WMIOBJECT win32_process  –filter "Handle=$ProcessID").GetOwner().User


$svcs = Get-Process | Select-Object name, starttime, ID

$a = @()

foreach ($svc in $svcs)
           if ( $ -ne "Idle" -and $ -ne "System")

           $al = New-Object System.Object
           $al | Add-Member -type NoteProperty -name Name -Value $
           $al | Add-Member -type NoteProperty -name Owner -Value ( get-processuser $

           $a += $al


Edit after comment:

$a = (GET-WMIOBJECT win32_service) | ? { $_.startname -eq "domain\\username"} | %{$_.StopService();$_.Change($null,$null,$null,$null,$null,$null,$null,"newpassword");}

The Scripting Wife Uses PowerShell to Find Service Accounts , One of life's real pleasures is sitting around a fireplace, listening to a I am trying to figure out what account a service uses to start, and I don't see it. “OK, I will clear the screen and send the output to the Format-List cmdlet. used yesterday to find the WMI class you need to work with services,” I prompted� Summary: Use Windows PowerShell to find running services. How can I use Windows PowerShell to quickly produce a sortable list of running services on my computer? Use the Get-Service cmdlet to return the services, and the Out-GridView to produce a sortable list: gsv | ogv. Note gsv is an alias for Get-Service, and ogv is an alias for Out-GridView.

This is what you guys need

Get-WMIObject Win32_Service | Where-Object {$_.startname -ne "localSystem" }| Where-Object {$_.startname -ne "NT AUTHORITY\LocalService" } |Where-Object {$_.startname -ne "NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService" } |select startname, name 

Get-Service (Microsoft.PowerShell.Management), Further, application vendors that use these services insist on just all Windows servers in the current domain and generate a report listing all reads service list from completed jobs,updates $serviceAccount table and while ( ( Get-Job - State Running).count -ge $maxThreads ) { Start-Sleep -Seconds 3 }. # List the services running as $account in the powershell console # If there are no services running under $account, output this to the console.

Yeah - this seems to be the best approach

Get-WMIObject Win32_Service | Where-Object {($_.startname -ne "NT AUTHORITY\LocalService") -and ($_.startname -ne "NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService") -and ($_.startname -ne "localSystem") } `
|select @{ Name = "Service Account " ; Expression = { ( $_.startname ) } }, `
@{ Name = "Service Dispaly Name " ; Expression = { ( $ ) } }, StartMode,State, Status | FT -AutoSize

Windows Service Accounts enumeration using Powershell, Powershell to get list of all services against all computers in the domain on all services on the domain including their startmode as well as the account that starts a .txt file that contains all of the servers in the domain and I'm referencing that. Case 3: Make sure "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)" service is not running on� If you are on Windows 8.1 or 10, you can use Task Manager to find all the running services. Simply switch to Service tab in Task Manager, and click the Status to sort the tab to have all running services listed together. You can click Name tab first and then Status tab to have a list of running services listed in name order.

Powershell to get list of all services against all computers in the , How to identify what accounts your services are running under, For the most part, Windows Server services run under generic system based accounts, result like PowerShell, as the script has to get a list of all services and� Powershell provides Get-Service commandlet in order to list these services and filter them acording to the provided filter. List All Services. We will start with a simple use case where we will list all services without providing an options to the Get-Service command. This will list currently existing service with running or stopped status.

Find User-Based Service Accounts with PowerShell and Command , And run the following PowerShell script: $servicename = "SomeService" $list = get-content “c:\ps\comp_list.txt” foreach ($server in $list) {� This script will demo how to identify services using a particular user account in PowerShell. Script How to identify services using a particular user account and change password This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

Get-service: Checking the Status of Windows Services with , One of the most common places to find Service Accounts being To find out whether a Windows System has services configured to run as a service account using the To look at scheduled tasks using the GUI you will need to check each through the GUI on a server but slightly harder using PowerShell. How to list all the services running with a service account in a server using Powershell 9 How to pull physical path of a Windows Service using Get-Service command

  • i think this won't work. Get-WmiObject doesn't support StartName
  • It works like a charm! accept this answer. it does what you need
  • @Ram490 - StartName is based on the object returned, which can be of different type base on what you are querying for.
  • Thanks. except starttime, script is listing all the services running with different account. Thanks a lot. But how to update password of the services running with a perticular service account?
  • Hi Christian..i just analyzed your script. It lists only the running services on a computer. But when we update password of services running under a service account we need to consider both the running services and not running services also. In this case how can we achieve this with Powershell.
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