navigate('DrawerOpen') not working with createSwitchNavigator and createStackNavigator

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I have a switch-navigator for logged-in and not-logged-in states.

When user is logged in, switcher loads a DrawerNavigator which loads Screen1 and loads the sidebar (SideBar.js) via contentComponent

Inside Screen1 I'm calling the this.props.navigation.navigate('DrawerOpen'); via the onPress event of the menu burger button. But it's not opening the drawer. What am I doing wroing

You call in a screen which isn't contained in DrawerNavigation, so it can't navigate. To open drawer in anywhere just use

import { DrawerActions } from 'react-navigation';
openDrawer = () => {

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use this:


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In React Navigation 3.x, you can use this.props.navigation.openDrawer(); to open the drawer in CreateDrawerNavigator. It is the same as using this.props.navigation.dispatch(DrawerActions.openDrawer());.You can checkout the official docs here :

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  • to which page should i add this line... either App.js or Screen1?
  • undefined is not an object (this.props.navigation) !
  • Now, DrawerActions should be imported from 'react-navigation-drawer'.