Order By Date ASC with Spring Data

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I try to make an application with Spring-Data-JPA on a table in order by ASC but it gives me an error:

Invalid derived query! No property asc found for type java.util.Calendar

Why ?

List<Foo> findAllOrderByDateAsc();


@Query("SELECT * FROM foo ORDER BY date ASC")
List<Foo> findAllOrderByDateAsc();

Try to add "By" between "All" and "Order" like this:

List<Foo> findAllByOrderByDateAsc();

Sorting Query Results with Spring Data, All we need to do here to sort our data is include the keyword OrderBy in our method name along with the property name(s) and direction (Asc or� Yes you can sort using query method in Spring Data. Ex:ascending order or descending order by using the value of the id field. Code: public interface StudentDAO extends JpaRepository<StudentEntity, Integer> { public findAllByOrderByIdAsc(); } alternative solution:

I don't think you can use findAll as a prefix.

Regarding the query, select * is not valid JPQL. It should be

select foo from Foo foo order by foo.date desc

Sorting with JPA, Learn how to use the @Query annotation in Spring Data JPA to define custom Just as in pure SQL the ordering options are asc and desc:� Spring Data JPA sorting. In Spring Data JPA query results can be sorted in two ways: using an ORDER BY clause in a JPQL query; adding a parameter of type Sort to the query method; Spring Boot Data JPA sort example. The following application retrieves cities sorted in ascending order.

date is reserved word in SQL. Try changing the table property to foo_date, for example and rewrite your query as SELECT * FROM foo ORDER BY foo_date DESC

Spring Data JPA Tutorial: Sorting, If we want to sort the query results in ascending order, we have to append the keyword Asc to the method name of our query method. On the other� When the above code is executed, JPA generates the SQL query shown below. JPA Criteria Object generates an SQL statement with an explicit asc clause: Hibernate: select foo0_.id as id1_4_, foo0_.name as name2_4_ from Foo foo0_ order by foo0_.name asc 3.1. Sorting by More Than One Attribute

Example :


to list out users based on username and sortby created date.

public interface DatabaseDAO extends JpaRepository<User,Integer> {

public List<RecentlyView>  findByUserNameOrderByCreatedDateDesc(String username);


Sorting Query Results with Spring Data JPA, A complete guide to understand how sorting works in Spring Data JPA and as OrderBy , by default, sorts the results in the ascending order. If MongoDB cannot use an index or indexes to obtain the sort order, MongoDB must perform a blocking sort operation on the data. A blocking sort indicates that MongoDB must consume and process all input documents to the sort before returning results.

  • the trick with this answer is that is not necessary to write the @Query but just by naming the method in the right way Spring-data will generate the query ok
  • For me, this changes the IllegalArgumentException to a NullPointerException thrown by QueryUtils.toExpressionRecursively(). I am not using an @Query.
  • What a strange rule. Thanks for the tip!!
  • How can i give the colomn name is dynamically getting from front end.??
  • Of all the brilliant abstractions the Spring framework provides to us, it turns out they're not yet there with grammar.
  • Why doesn't it solve the problem? The problem is that the query is invalid, and I tell him what the correct query is.
  • That's not SQL. It's JPQL.
  • Correct. My bad. @MaximeF see docs.spring.io/spring-data/jpa/docs/1.0.0.M1/reference/html/…
  • its not working @Query("SELECT f FROM foo f ORDER BY f.date DESC")
  • What is the exception?
  • @MaximeF: Java is case sensitive. The name of the class is Foo, not foo.