has anyone faced this error "Error: No valid counters" using type perf?

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Has anyone faced this error, Error: No valid counters, using typeperf utility while writing it to SQL database. I have tried variety of different things but every time I try to write it in SQL database using counters in a file it fails with the No valid counters error.

The command was executed in the following fashion:

C:\>typeperf -cf "E:\DBA\CounterCollector\counters_eg.txt" -si 15 -sc 10 -f SQL -o SQL:SQLServerDS!log5

The counters_eg.txt file contains:

"\\<computername>\PhysicalDisk(* *)\Avg. Disk Queue Length"

I am able to write in SQL database by specifying the counters individually at command prompt.


C:\Windows\system32>typeperf -f SQL -o SQL:SQLServerDS!log4 "\\<computername>\PhysicalDisk(* *)\Avg. Disk Queue Length"

Note: I have replaced the server name by <computername>.

Include a double '%%', i.e.

typeperf "\\<remote-IP>\Process(*)\%% Processor Time" -sc 1

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Figured it out:

After following the example from https://www.simple-talk.com/sql/performance/collecting-performance-data-into-a-sql-server-table/ I kept on getting the same error message "Error: No valid counters". The counter.txt is exactly the same like the example provided by Feodor but when I put the counter names on the command line individually, they get processed successfully. The problem I was getting was when I tried to run the entire syntax. Instead of using what Feodor used: "TYPEPERF -f SQL -s ALF -cf "C:\CounterCollect\Counters.txt" -si 15 -o SQL:SQLServerDS!log1 -sc 4", I tweaked it a little bit (after looking at the second example from http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc753182.aspx) and finally it WORKED! It is a matter of switching the parameters.

After following the demo by Feodor, I used this below syntax, and it worked for me. I am using SQL Server 2012 and here is the command:

TYPEPERF -cf "C:\PerfMonCollect\Counters.txt" -si 5 -sc 4 -f SQL -o SQL:SQLdatasource!log1".

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Your counters list may be damaged. Run perfmon GUI utility and make sure that you are able to see the counters in there.

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make sure your file name is correct. counters.txt NOT counters.txt.txt . show extensions then check the file name. also, you can try the RUN command and paste your target to the text file and see if it works. I had the same issue and it drove me crazy.

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I had this error now and solved it by adding the user running typeperf to local administrators group on the servers that threw the error.

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  • That is a bit extreme, and unsafe. You should add the user to the Performance Log Users group instead.
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