How to customize the currency filter to display the currency symbol '€' or any other in angularJS

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The default currency symbol in the currency filter in angularJS is $. how can I change that to '€' or any other ? I found some lengthy codes in here. But is there any smooth way to do it ?

<div ng-app=""  >

    <p>Total = {{ (10 * 13) | currency }}</p>


result is Total = $130.00 how to make it Total = €130.00 or Total = USD130.00 ?

1.Try this {{price | currency:"€"}} , It will solve your problem

2.And To make in more generalized format, it would be better if you can write custom filter for currency formats.

So that it can support any of the currency formats.


currency, Input to filter. symbol. (optional). string. Currency symbol or identifier to be displayed. id="currency-default">{{amount | currency}}</span><br> custom currency� For the purpose of this tutorial, I will add a dummy currency with the name CLOUDWAYS CURRENCY and will use the symbol, ‘CW$’ for it. Open the functions.php, located in the theme folder. Now, add the following lines of code at the end of the file and save the file. add_filter('woocommerce_currencies', 'add_cw_currency');

As per the documentation, you can specify a custom currency identifier

{{amount | currency:"€"}}

Angular also provides handling for i18n/l10n

AngularJS Currency Filter with Example, By default currency filter assign dollar symbol if we want custom symbol we can We will see how to use currency filter in angularjs application with or without� In this AngularJS currency filter example you will learn how to display rupee symbol in angularjs using currency filter. Here you can view the output of the example and you can also "try it yourself" by clicking on "Live Demo" button given at the bottom. Syntax {{balance | currency:"₹" }}

You can supply a currency symbol to the filter:

<script src=""></script>
<div ng-app=""  >

    <p>Total = {{ (10 * 13) | currency : '€' }}</p>


Angular currency Filter, The currency symbol to be displayed. The symbol can be any character or text. fractionsize, Optional. The number of decimals. More� The dollar ($) as you know, is the default symbol for Angular currency filter. To get the result in other symbol, for example Rupee (₹), you must explicitly define it in your app. You can define any other currency symbol (if not just Rupee), using HTML entities for currency. There are two different HTML entities for Rupee.

All you have to do is provide a symbol parameter to the currency filter. The Angular docs provides the following syntax:

{{ currency_expression | currency : symbol : fractionSize}}

The correct symbol can be found by searching on the internet. But since you asked for Euro, here are a few variations:

<div ng-app=""  >

    <p>Total = {{ (10 * 13) | currency:"&euro;" }}</p>



<div ng-app=""  >

    <p>Total = {{ (10 * 13) | currency:"€" }}</p>


Note: the symbol parameter must be a string

Alternatively you can even use the filter in controllers or custom filters by using the JavaScript syntax provided in the docs Angular API:currency -

For eg: $filter('currency')(input,"€"); or $filter('currency')(input,"€");

Note: Do remember to inject $filter into the controller or custom filter in question.

Hope that helps!

Angular Currency Pipe & Format Currency In Angular with examples , If you want to display your own custom name as symbol you can pass as a paramter as shown in� If we are passing currency code to the angular currency pipe.It will display the corresponding default currency symbol. I am passing currency code as “INR” and Rupee symbol will be displayed. Angular Currency Pipe without symbol. If you want to display your own name instead of default currency symbol you have to pass display parameter.

$filter('currency')(value, currencySymbol, fraction);

Tableau Tip: Quick currency formatting trick, A vast majority of visualisations I see use one of two currencies: dollars Sure, you could go to the effort of googling for the correct symbol, copying In the formatting settings, to change how the numbers are displayed in the� For now, the currency filter format is currency-amount, e.g. $20 but this is not appropriate for some european countries where the correct syntax is 20€ It would be nice to override a template for currency formatting.

Currency pipe format is controlled by the current locale rules.See also Using Pipes:. The Date and Currency pipes need the ECMAScript Internationalization API. Safari and other older browsers don't support it.

For list display or form display, if you use a SharePoint field of type Currency, then the decimal, separator, and symbol will be added automatically in the formatting. When type currency is selected you will see the below options. 0 Kudos

Use the thousand separator; follow the settings specified in the regional settings of Windows for negative amounts, decimal and currency symbols, and decimal places. Euro. Use the euro symbol ( ), regardless of the currency symbol specified in the regional settings of Windows. Fixed.

  • The question is looking to do this in an expression, not in JavaScript code.