Is there an easy way to get longest word that contains a certain letter?

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I am trying to get the largest word that contains the letter 'f' through a for loop, through my code I tried to make it as simple as possible with a if and and statement. It is however not working as it returns the largest word but not the one that includes the letter f, why is it not working?

def main():
    sentence = "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"
    letter = "f"
    longest_word = get_longest_word(sentence, letter)
    print('"' + longest_word + '" is the longest word containing the letter "'
          + letter + '".')

def get_longest_word(sentence, letter):
    words_list = sentence.split()
    largest = words_list[0]
    my_list = []
    for word in words_list:
        if letter in word and len(word) > len(largest):
            largest = word
    return largest 


The reason is that you initialise largest to words_list[0], which is 'Absence', the longest word in the sentence.

Therefore, even when 'fonder' is reached, even though the first part of your if passes (it contains an 'f'), the second part about length does not.

Personally, I would just do this:

from operator import itemgetter

def get_longest_word(sentence, letter):
    words_with_letter = ((word, len(word)) for word in sentence.split() if letter in word)
    return max(words_with_letter, key=itemgetter(1))[0]

This converts the sentence into an iterable of tuples where the first element is the word and the second its length, and where all the words already contain the letter in question.

Then, all we need to do is get the word with the longest length i.e. the highest value in the second position.


"fonder" is the longest word containing the letter "f".

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You could just do:

sorted([w for w in words if "f" in w], key=len)[-1]

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You can approach this much more easily using the in operator:

for word in word_list:
    if 'f' in word:

longest_word = sorted(longest_words)[0]

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  • The problem is that you initialise largest to the first word, even if it doesn't have the sought letter. Initialise it to '' and get rid of my_list (which you're not using)