GoogleAppsScript - Autocompletion within Webstorm?

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Is there a way to get autocompletion for Google Apps Script in Webstorm or any Jetbrains IDE?

I have read, that it's possible for ecplise.

Can i get the GAS library somehow into Webstorm? Or what exactly would I have to do, to get the autocompletion to work? :)

How about using TypeScript instead of pure JavaScript?

Definition file for GAS is available here.

I haven't tried it yet but I'm planning to try it. I've just started using GAS and am exploring GAS now.

P.S In order to code GAS, this article may be helpful.

IDE support? (IntelliJ, VS Code) � Issue #10 � google/clasp � GitHub, Are any of you working with gs files inside IntelliJ by any chance? would be a plugin that would provide autocomplete for the App Scripts APIs� GoogleAppsScript - Autocompletion within Webstorm? Is there a way to get autocompletion for Google Apps Script in Webstorm or any Jetbrains IDE? I have read, that it's possible for ecplise .

A similar question you can refer to: How do I use WebStorm for Chrome Extension Development? The only difference to the high voted answer is in step 5, try to search for "google-app-script" instead of "chrome". Install the library and open gs file as javascript. Then you are going to have grammar highlighting and autocompletion.

Edit google apps scripts with IntelliJ-IDEA, You can easily use the Google Apps Script plugin for IntelliJ IDEA by Michael Snowden. You may miss the code hinting of the Apps Script editor but all the other� For writing AppScript, functions and classes such as DriveApp, SpreadsheetApp, there is a plugin in WebStorm or Intellij called google-app-script. The installation method is the same as above. On the other hand, you should mark or open file as JavaScript. (July 2017)

I've looked around as well but haven't found anything yet. I don't think so, but I could be wrong. In order to get it to work, you could reverse engineer the Eclipse plugin, which I'm guessing won't be straightforward.

How WebStorm Works: Completion for JavaScript Libraries , The way it is implemented in WebStorm is that it takes all JavaScript It powers WebStorm autocompletion with additional details about Please copy the idea. properties from the bin folder (/Applications/ into If you don't select any Javascript/ECMA Script in Hector you still get� WebStorm has two types of autocompletion: structural completion and word expansion. Structural autocompletion makes predictions based on its understanding of JavaScript objects, while the latter tries to predict the word currently being typed based on previously typed words.

WebStorm (and any JetBrains IDE with the JavaScript plugin) can now handle this automatically by using TypeScript community stubs. The details are in Configuring JavaScript Libraries - Help - WebStorm.

Follow the instructions on that page under To download TypeScript definitions in the Settings/Preferences dialog. Search for the TypeScript community stub named google-apps-script.

WebStorm will try to guess the type of variables based on the context, but you can also tell it explicitly. For example this tells WebStorm that thread is a GmailThread. So getLabels could be autocompleted.

 * @param {GoogleAppsScript.Gmail.GmailThread} thread
function getThreadInfo(thread) {

FYI, You can search for TypeScript community stubs and get more information on each one at

Develop Apps Script using TypeScript, When you use TypeScript in the development of an Apps Script project, you gain the following benefits: Local IDE autocomplete; Optional� Basic code completion helps you complete the names of classes, methods, and keywords within the visibility scope. When you invoke code completion, PhpStorm analyses the context and suggests the choices that are reachable from the current caret position (suggestions also include Live templates ).

Add Google Maps documentation for code completion in PhpStorm , So I would like to include the Google Maps library to PhpStorm in order to be able to use code -r some/path in integrated terminal and using 'tab' for autocomplete . I am using Google Apps Script and was wondering if I could use any sort of� Google Apps Script has two methods for logging information: the Stackdriver logging service and the more basic Logger service that's built in to the Apps Script editor. See the Logging guide for more details.

WebStorm keyboard shortcuts. WebStorm has keyboard shortcuts for most of its commands related to editing, navigation, refactoring, debugging, and other tasks. Memorizing these hotkeys can help you stay more productive by keeping your hands on the keyboard. Use a keyboard with the English layout.

It has been almost 7 months since we released WebStorm 8. The recently rolled out WebStorm 9 brings a lot of new things on top of that, so today I’m going to tell you more about some new exciting features I have been working on in spy-js, and will share some tips and tricks on how to use them. Spy-js powered Autocompletion and Magnifier