How to specify username in the command line for Fastlane?

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I'm trying to pass in the apple ID to Fastlane as a command line option so all users and our build servers can use the same script.

MacBook-Pro-6:whisper-ios Nick$ fastlane hockeyglobal
[18:00:44]: -------------------------------------------------
[18:00:44]: --- Step: Verifying required fastlane version ---
[18:00:44]: -------------------------------------------------
[18:00:44]: fastlane version valid
[18:00:44]: ------------------------------
[18:00:44]: --- Step: default_platform ---
[18:00:44]: ------------------------------
[18:00:44]: Driving the lane 'hockeyglobal' 🚀
[18:00:44]: ------------------
[18:00:44]: --- Step: sigh ---
[18:00:44]: ------------------

|                   Summary for sigh 1.8.0                    |
| adhoc                               | true                  |
| skip_install                        | false                 |
| development                         | false                 |
| force                               | false                 |
| app_identifier                      | sh.whisper.whisperapp |
| team_id                             | B3NYR7PARX            |
| ignore_profiles_with_different_name | false                 |
| skip_fetch_profiles                 | false                 |
| skip_certificate_verification       | false                 |

[18:00:45]: To not be asked about this value, you can specify it using 'username'
Your Apple ID Username: 

Maddeningly, seems to go completely unnoticed by Fastlane, as does, -u and everything else I've tried. What am I doing wrong?

It will use the value of apple_id in your fastlane/Appfile. Make sure you're running the command from the folder that fastlane/ is in.

How to set fastlane username in the terminal � Issue #15988 , However i have tried to set the username with this command to no avail. I still get the prompts to enter the username. fastlane fastlane-credentials� fastlane sigh Yes, that's the whole command! sigh will create, repair and download profiles for the App Store by default. You can pass your bundle identifier and username like this: fastlane sigh -a -u username If you want to generate an Ad Hoc profile instead of an App Store profile: fastlane sigh --adhoc

Try remove username, add only app_identifier, apple_id (email) and team_id in Appfile

Setting `username` via a `fastlane` command doesn't make it , To share my fastlane and match configuration for a repo with an I removed lines in fastlane/Appfile and fastlane/Deliverfile which had my Apple ID written in. In the first example, where did you specify the username? pilot is part of fastlane: The easiest way to automate beta deployments and releases for your iOS and Android apps. Usage. For all commands you can specify the Apple ID to use using -u If you execute pilot in a project already using fastlane the username and app identifier will automatically be determined. Uploading builds

Not sure about the hockeyglobal lane, but generally the correct syntax to pass the username parameter would be as follows:

fastlane hockeyglobal --username ''

E.g. for default cert lane this works:

 fastlane cert --username 'me@myemailcom'


 fastlane cert -u 'me@myemailcom'

Other, place (not to have their content in any files), you can also set them in your Fastfile : by fastlane to your keychain using the CredentialsManager command line fastlane fastlane-credentials add --username Password:� I like @chris-fuller 's proposal of namespaced options from the command line without having to add the manual options passing in code. For example fastlane mylane deliver:skip_screenshots:true or more generally fastlane <lane> <action>:<options>:<value>, and you could add many action:option:value sets.

I achieved this by using fastlane parameters. In your Fastfile do something like this:

lane :beta do |options|
  cert(username: options[:username])

(notice the |options| parameter above)

Then invoke fastlane like this:

fastlane beta

Where is your username.

prompt, You can use prompt to ask the user for a value or to just let the user confirm the next step. This action also supports multi-line inputs using the multi_line_end_keyword option. To do so, you can run the following command from your terminal fastlane run prompt. To pass parameters, make use of the : symbol, for example New to fastlane? Click here to open the installation & setup instructions first. 1) Install the latest Xcode command line tools. xcode-select --install 2) Install fastlane # Using RubyGems sudo gem install fastlane -NV # Alternatively using Homebrew brew cask install fastlane 3) Navigate to your project and run. fastlane init More Details

iOS Continuous Integration and Delivery using Bitrise and Fastlane , Run the following command line on your project to initialize Match: Next, run the fastlane beta command again, it will ask you about the username you can specify it using 'app_identifier' parameter in the match action. command: Shell command to be executed: log: Determines whether fastlane should print out the executed command itself and output of the executed command. If command line option --troubleshoot is used, then it overrides this option to true: true: error_callback: A callback invoked with the command output if there is a non-zero exit status

Is it be possible to add an optional command line parameter to run fastlane from a different folder? eg: fastlane deploy "./fastlane_app1" fastlane deploy "./fastlane_app2" I believe FOLDER_NAME is the variable that needs to be dynamic:

fastlane can be installed in a multiple ways. The preferred method is with a Gemfile. fastlane can also get installed directly through RubyGems or with Homebrew (if on macOS).

  • apple_id made a job! ;)
  • Doesn't work for custom lanes: invalid option: -u