PHP Unlink Not working

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I am trying to delete photo in php using unlink. I have used it earlier on other server but this time it is not working. I have used absolute path for a test but still does not works:

I have used it as: unlink('img1.jpg');

and :


Please anyone having such experience?

url not allow in ulink function

can you please used this

It's better, also safety wise to use an absolute path. But you can get this path dynamically.

E.g. using:


Depending on where your PHP script is, your variable could look like this:

$deleteImage =  getcwd() . 'img1.jpg';


check this

bool unlink ( string $filename [, resource $context ] )


filename Path to the file.

So it only takes a string as filename.

Make sure the file is reachable with the path from the location you execute the script. This is not a problem with absolute paths, but you might have one with relative paths.

unlink - Manual, So to work around this problem, you can use chdir() to change the working directory to the folder where the file you want to unlink is located. <?php So to work around this problem, you can use chdir() to change the working directory to the folder where the file you want to unlink is located. <?php $old = getcwd (); // Save the current directory

Even though unlink() supports URLs (see here) now, http:// is not supported: http wrapper information

use a filesystem path to delete the file.

Unlink function not working - PHP, However, it is not working properly. I checked the permissions on the folder - rwx rwx rwx. Any help would be appreciated. <?php. iTotal = _POST� There is a note on the unlink manual page on, about unlink working fine on one windows server in a production environment, and not working once they tried the script on their home computer. They found that the file was open for some reason, and they couldn't unlink it because of that.

If you use unlink in a linux or unix you should also check the results of is_writable ( string $filename ) And if the function returns false, you should check the file permissions with fileperms ( string $filename ).

File permissions are usual problems on webspaces, e.g. if you upload an file per ftp with a ftp user, and the webserver is running as an different user.

If this is the problem, you have do to a

chmod o+rwd img1.jpg


chmod 777 img1.jpg

to grand write (and delete) permissions for other Users.

php, Of course you can. The error ays that the image doesn't exist. Make sure your script is in the same dir as you image, then try to add a "./" at the� unlink doesn't throw exceptions, in generates errors. The proper way to do this is check that the file exists before trying to call unlink on it. If you are merely worried about not having the errors output then you should just turn off display_errors which you should always do in a production environment anyway. Then they will just be logged.

use filesystem path, first define path like this:


and check file is exist or not,if exist then unlink the file.


PHP, The unlink() function is an inbuilt function in PHP which is used to delete files. The unlink() function generates an E_WARNING level error on failure How to Check a Function is a Generator Function or not using JavaScript� Unlink does not working like this . You should pass relative path of your file rather than absolute path. Also For any file three step neccessary as: file_exists realpath is_writable After this unlink for delete file. unlink('./uploads/'.$checkbox[$i]['Image']);

unlink($fileName); failed for me. Then I tried using the realpath($fileName) function as unlink(realpath($fileName)); it worked.

Just posting it, in case if any one finds it useful.

php unlink

Your $file variable is either empty or doesn't exist at all and you are trying to unlink the images/ folder, not a file in that folder. Your code needs to check that you actually have retrieved data from your database before trying to use that data.

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the code is still not working though. the reason i changed the code to your post is because the email message that i am sending has already been coded at the bottom of the page so all i need to do is add the images inside the body in the correct places. with a bit of luck it will be working soon enough.

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  • You cannot delete using an url. Did you try a full filesystem path, like /var/www/
  • Is there any error? Maybe you don't have permissions to delete this file or the file is somewhere else on the server. unlink with http://... address won't work, you have to use server path.
  • I have used it as : unlink('img1.jpg'); but not working
  • paste this in your browser and check image is appearing if not YOUR PATH IS WRING
  • I am sure I am not making syntax error because I have used it a site before which works fine. Is there any server issue?
  • Yeah working with getcwd() but I dnt know why not with absolute path. Anyways Thanks Patel . Reg, Sunil