How can I determine the IP address of an Azure hosted WebApp

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I am using Azure platform for a webapp. I need to find out IP address of my web app so that I can whitelist it to an external server where I have created APIs. Is NSLookup the correct way to determine the IP address for whitelisting?

The quickest way would be to login to the Azure portal and select your web app from the resources menu. Once you have the blade open for your web application there are two types of IP addresses. Inbound and outbound. For outbound IP, click properties from the resources menu. This will display a list of all possible outbound IP addresses.

For inbound IP address, click on Custom Domains from the properties menu and your external IP will appear there.

How can I determine the IP address of an Azure hosted WebApp , Common questions are, “what is my Azure Web App, Azure Mobile App Azure Data Center IP listing: Microsoft Azure Datacenter IP Ranges. Find outbound IPs. To find the outbound IP addresses currently used by your app in the Azure portal, click Properties in your app's left-hand navigation. They are listed in the Outbound IP Addresses field. You can find the same information by running the following command in the Cloud Shell. az webapp show --resource-group <group_name> --name <app_name> --query outboundIpAddresses --output tsv (Get-AzWebApp -ResourceGroup <group_name> -name <app_name>).OutboundIpAddresses

Well, that would be one way, but PowerShell would be better.

Get-AzureRmWebApp -Name $WebAppName$

for me it returns a bunch of IP addresses

How do I determine the outbound IP addresses of my Azure App , What is my Azure Web Apps outbound IP address? What IP Question 1. For an individual Azure Web App, you can simply go to the Properties of the application: Microsoft provide a list of the Azure Data Center IP ranges in XML format. A public IP address is assigned to the VPN Gateway to enable communication with the remote network. You can only assign a dynamic basic public IP address to a VPN gateway. Application gateways. You can associate a public IP address with an Azure Application Gateway, by assigning it to the gateway's frontend configuration.

In web app -> Properties -> OUTBOUND IP ADDRESSES It will have list of outbound ip which should be whitelisted

Tip 119, Finding IP address of connecting resources is useful since not all resource display their IP Duration: 7:56 Posted: Apr 26, 2018 The list of outbound IP addresses is now included in the REST API Site object and can be accessed by using Azure Resource Explorer. Just select the Web App in the Resource Explorer tree view and then look for the “ outboundIpAddresses ” property, which will contain a comma separated list of IP addresses.

We can also find the outbound Ip Addresses at Azure resource portal, like the following screenshot:

Azure App Service firewall, Specify the machine IP address for the Azure SQL Server firewall - for on-premise instances that connect to databases on Azure. For Azure SQL server, you must whitelist the IP addresses of on-premise machines by configuring Sitecore for xDB on Azure.

With the new Azure CLI (v2) it's very easy az webapp show -n mywebsite -g MyResGroup --query "outboundIpAddresses"

articles/azure-functions/, After registering the domain with a domain provider and configuring a DNS CNAME record to point to the app's address (for example,, the web app owner also needs to go to the Azure Portal and configure the app for the new domain.

Hello, I can find 4 ip's for a certain web app in the portal of Azure. Can they change without notice over time? If yes, what is the best solution for me: When 2 web app's in Windows Azure have to communicate with eachother, using whitelisted IP in the web.config file?

Now when we have our plan set, we can click "Manage domains" to add domain name different from the Azure one to our website. When we click manage domains, the following window will appear: Here, I erased the name of my website but this shouldn't affect you at all.

To help you determine whether this change impacts your organization, we are building an Azure DevOps IP check page. When you navigate to the page, we’ll run a sample request against our new routing structure. If the request fails you’ll get a red “X” in the response. To resolve, you’ll need to update your IP address whitelist.