CocoaPods Errors on Project Build

install cocoapods
cocoapods is not supported in this project react-native
cocoapods version
cocoapods inhibit_all_warnings
gem 'cocoapods' is not installed
error running pod install
pod deintegrate

I'm unable to build a project that uses CocoaPods. I get the following errors:

diff: /../Podfile.lock: No such file or directory
diff: Manifest.lock: No such file or directory error: 
The sandbox is not in sync with the Podfile.lock. Run 'pod install' or update your CocoaPods installation.`

$ pod install seems to work fine and adds a Pods Project to my Workspace. I've tried $ pod update but this doesn't help.

It seems that PODS_ROOT is not being set.


platform :ios, '6.0'

workspace 'Example.xcworkspace'
xcodeproj 'example/Example.xcodeproj' 

pod 'TestFlightSDK', '~> 1.3.0-beta.5'
pod 'TestFlightLogger', '~> 0.0.2'
pod 'CocoaLumberjack', '~> 1.6.2'
pod 'Reachability', '~> 3.1.0'
pod 'SBJson', '~> 3.2'
pod 'MKMapViewZoom', '~> 1.0.0'

I had a similar problem when I did major changes to my Podfile. My solution was to remove the workspace file and run pod install again:

rm -rf MyProject.xcworkspace
pod install

Troubleshooting, If you get the error "ERROR: While executing gem . To add values to options from your project's build settings, prepend the value list with $(inherited) . If Xcode� Cocoapods Warning - CocoaPods did not set the base configuration of your project because because your project already has a custom config set 23 The sandbox is not in sync with the Podfile.lock-ios

TLDR: This is most likely a bug with Xcode and closing and reopening the project is usually the simplest fix. Assuming everything else is configured properly.

I occasionally get the same error when deleting the Pods directory and then running pod install.

Everything appears correct in the project info:

However, when I go to the target's User-Defined Build Settings, the PODS_ROOT entry is either entirely missing or is empty for one or more configurations. Which causes the following error on build:

The simplest fix is to close the project in Xcode and reopen it.

If you go to the target's Build Settings and filter on All, you will now see the PODS_ROOT entry with no errors:

It should now build with no errors.

Note: Even Cocoa Pods' official AFNetworking iOS Example has this problem, which leads me to believe that it is a bug with Xcode.

An alternative fix is to manually change the configuration to None, then back to its original value:

Pre-compiling dependencies, CocoaPods Binary will pre-compile your Pods during pod install , and then add the binary assets (e.g. .framework files) into the generated Xcode projects instead � If something doesn’t seem to work, first of all ensure that you are not completely overriding any options set from the Pods.xcconfig file in your project’s build settings. To add values to options from your project’s build settings, prepend the value list with $ (inherited).

Go to the target's Build Settings and make sure the value of PODS_ROOT equals ${SRCROOT}/Pods in "User-Defined" section.

Build Error after installing pods. � Issue #2163 � CocoaPods , after this i remove target 'Framework' do from pod file and then again hit pod install, where the pod is installed and i get the project workspace� Builds failing with Cocoapods errors. Discussion in 'Unity Cloud Build' started by dri_richard, Jul 1, 2020. dri_richard. Joined: Mar 10, 2017 Posts: 92.

update: a podfile.lock is necessary and should not be ignored by version control, it keeps track of the versions of libraries installed at a certain pod install. (It's similar to gemfile.lock and composer.lock for rails and php dependency management, respectively). To learn more please read the docs. Credit goes to cbowns.

In my case, what I did was that I was doing some house cleaning for my project (ie branching out the integration tests as a git submodule.. removing duplicate files etc).. and pushed the final result to a git remote repo.. all the clients who cloned my repo suffered from the above error. Inspired by Hlung's comment above, I realized that there were some dangling pod scripts that were attempting to run against some non-existent files. So I went to my target build phase, and deleted all the remaining phases that had anything to do with cocoa pods (and Hlung's comment he suggests deleting Copy Pods Manifest.lock and copy pod resources.. mine were named different maybe b/c I'm using Xcode 5.. the point being is to delete those dangling build phases)..

linting fails because of build error even though project builds , I've read and understood the CONTRIBUTING guidelines and have done my best effort to follow. Report What did you do? pod spec lint What� There is an issue with cocoapods and it fails to lint those projects with C++ in its header, which is the case with yoga too. Follow this thread CocoaPods/CocoaPods#5152 . To make the lint pass, one would have to change `app_target_helper.rb` cocoapod source file in the local machine.

So it seems that CocoaPods didn't set the Configurations for my Project. They need to be based on the Pods.xcconfig which is found in the Pods/Target Support Files/Pods. To get this to work I had to do the following:

  1. Drag this file into my Xcode Project in Xcode, choosing not to copy.
  2. Now there is a reference in our project, we can set the configurations:

I then had another build error which may or may not have been related. The path to the shell script defined in the Copy Pods Resources was incorrect.


Resolved incorrectly. It seemed that SRCROOT was adding an extra dir that didn't exist into the path. So I hard coded the path to the Project folder.

This allowed me to build.

Why is it that so many things that are supposed to save you time end up eating it up?

Note: Please see @abood's answer for explanation.

Error Trying to compile iOS Project created with XCode 11; unable to , Error Trying to compile iOS Project created with XCode 11; unable to build cocoapods dependencies. Closed - Not Enough Info Azure� Unity ID. A Unity ID allows you to buy and/or subscribe to Unity products and services, shop in the Asset Store and participate in the Unity community.

React Native SDK Troubleshooting, Open your project settings and under Build Settings tab in the Header Error Reason - spawn pod ENOENT rnpm-install info Platform 'ios'� Not sure which Ruby version is present on Catalina or Big Sur, but Mojave comes with Ruby 2.3.0 which can no longer build the cocoapods gem, so the "blessed" way of installing Cocoapods with the standard Ruby won't work for Mojave users.

Solved: Alamofire compilation errors after installing the , Building the project now does not generate any compilation errors. Change the Podfile to install pod 'SwiftyDropbox'. The "pod install" removes Dropbox-iOS- SDK� GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Cocoapods error: [!]

CocoaPods installation failure while building Unity project for iOS , It is a long error message in the Console which would probably state how even the “pod repo update” was attempted and it failed as well. For the� It looks like CocoaPods 1.9.0, the latest version as of this writing, depends on a newer version of Ruby than 2.3.7. But macOS Mojave only includes Ruby 2.3.7, so you have a few different options. Upgrade to macOS Catalina and get Ruby 2.6.3

  • A simple "pod install" fix this :)
  • Important! [!] From now on use MyProject.xcworkspace. not te old `.xcodeproj'
  • When you test in an emulator there's just a white screen though
  • Means cocoapods is not installed properly. run sudo gem install cocoapods
  • gem install cocoapods is even better. Most of the time sudo shouldn't be necessary with gems.
  • Your answer made my day. I was stuck in it for hours. hats off
  • Thanks for this, it fixed the error. FWIW, I got the error after doing a gem update cocoapods
  • Fixed problem. Got error when performing "pod update"
  • This turned out to be it for me! My $PODS_ROOT was set incorrectly
  • After long search for fix I was able to get it going without errors thanks to your solution. I just had to change Configurations to None and back to Pods
  • This is GOOD putting NONE helped.
  • Works great. This is what was needed.