How to disable <react-date-picker> component on a button click

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I have used a date picker component from react-date-picker. I need to disable the entire date control and the button itself on a single button click. The button does get disabled but the DatePicker component doesn't. I have tried the following but didn't work. Is there a correct way to do it?

import DatePicker from 'react-date-picker';
this.state = {
  disabledDate: false

  noDateRememberButtonClick() {
      disabledDate: true

    render() {
        <div className="wrapper">
          <div className="date-picker">
              disabled={this.state.disabledDate} />
          <button className="btn" onClick={this.noDateRememberButtonClick} disabled={this.state.disabledDate} type="button"> {BUTTON_LABEL}</button>


react-date-picker doesn't support the disabled prop. See

Per shaz's recommendation, react-datepicker ( does, if you would like to use that component instead

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Try this. works for me

const CustomInput = (props) => {
    return (
            className={[classes.TransparentInput, "uk-input"].join(" ")}
  customInput={<CustomInput />}
  onChange={e => setFieldValue('from', moment(e).format('L'))}

The setFieldValue is from formik. You can choose not to use formik. your choice.

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As a hacky workaround (don't feel like taking another library), this worked for me:

Add a disabled class on a container, that wraps the DatePicker

.disabled {
  pointer-events: none;

  input {
    background: transparent;
    box-shadow: none;
    border: none;

EDIT: The input styling is only needed, if you wanna make the field look like plain text only.

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  • Just for checking, change the disabled={this.state.disabledDate} for disabled={true}
  • tried this too. Doesn't work
  • Maybe the problem is that you import this component import DatePicker from 'react-date-picker';, and doesnt support disable. Check with this
  • It seems like yes, the feature may not be supported by 'react-date-picker'
  • I rather went for CSS properties to hide it completely instead of using different date picker. But will definitely use different date picker next time.