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I am new in Alexa development. I have successfully create an Alexa skill with AWS lambda function and Node.js code. This is my intent schema.

  "intents": [
      "slots": [
          "name": "locationName",
          "type": "LOCATION_LIST"
      "intent": "locationIntent"

Also I have used custom slot type "LOCATION_LIST" with following values.

dining area

It's working fine. But I need to add more location values dynamically from my own service. Is it possible?

Based on my system architecture, we cant pre-defined the location names. Then what should i do?

Yes, it may be possible to accomplish what you are asking.

First, let's clear something up about how slots work. As described in this Alexa blog post:

"When you create a custom slot type, a key concept to understand is that this is training data for Alexa’s NLP (natural language processing). The values you provide are NOT a strict enum or array that limit what the user can say. This has two implications 1) words and phrases not in your slot values will be passed to you, 2) your code needs to perform any validation you require if what’s said is unknown."

What this means is that you CAN receive words in the slot that you did not specifically list in the SLOT definition. So you just need to provide enough word examples in the SLOT list to help the Alexa NLP engine.

I suggest that you experiment with your current implementation, and try substituting a different location and see if Alexa can recognize and return it. Try writing the slot value to the log and see. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Use Dynamic Entities to Create Personalized Voice Experiences , Yes, it may be possible to accomplish what you are asking. First, let's clear something up about how slots work. As described in this Alexa blog� I was recently asked, "I'm making a skill that recommends products. Can I change the question that Alexa asks to fill my slot(s) and can I make an optional slot required?" Because dialog management requires you to predefine a set of prompts for each required slot, it seems like it wouldn’t be possible to dynamically change Alexa’s response.

No, you cannot add slots dynamically. Maybe a very short answer but that's the fact.

Amazon doesn't have default slots as well to match your requirement. If it is other locations like the city then there are built-in slots available like 'AMAZON.City'. Here only possible way is to add as much as possible locations in your custom slot. You can have maximum 50,000 slot values in your custom slot (totaled across all custom slots used in the interaction model).

How to add slot values dynamically to alexa skill, Adding or removing entity values dynamically and temporarily. on Alexa skills have requested the ability to update slot values dynamically. The no thanks value will allow our customer to decline a flavor add-on which we will prompt for using the Dialog.ElicitSlot directive if their drink is coffee.If any other value is given, we will ask if it's ok to charge $0.50 extra to add a flavor.

While @Vijayanath was right at the time of writing, the answer now will be: YES, this is possible. It's a new feature that has been added just recently (around March 2019 it seems). You can learn about it in this Blog-Post. And find the developer documentation here. This sums it up pretty well:

The new dynamic entities capability helps you personalize Alexa skill experiences by adapting your interaction model at runtime without edits, builds, or re-certification. Now your skill can handle customer, context, and conversational changes by updating existing slot values from data structures in your code, a database, or a RESTful API call.

A Look at Dynamic Entities for the Alexa Skills Kit, Dynamic entities enable custom slot types to be updated at runtime to re- submit skills for Duration: 13:12 Posted: Mar 6, 2020 Once the new slot values and synonyms have been registered, requests to our skill containing slots associated with our dynamic entities will contain the resolved values based on both the statically and dynamically defined values for the drinkType. From our skill code we can check if what the customer said matched with either the static or

Using Dynamic Entities in Alexa Skills - Dabble Lab #233, 4 digit property numbers for values and string property names as Is it possible to create dynamic slots and intent using AlexSkillsKit dll and� It should be at least possible to tell alexa possible values at runtime dynamically (f.ex. after a setup phase / skill installation). For example a list of possible values for a slot might be determined based on another service (for example the user's playlists of his Spotify account to refer to). It would still allow to train models.

Dynamic Slot Values – Developer Feature Requests, For example, My alexa skill prompts to the user: "Barcelona vs Real Mad we now support dynamically adding new values to custom slot types! Please see:� How to add slot values dynamically to alexa skill. 0. Alexa exactly matching sample utterance fails to pass slot value through. 6. alexa not recognizing intent. 0.

Dynamic Slots in Alexa Skill � Issue #28 � alexa/alexa-skills-kit-sdk , Apart from Static utterances such as Start and Launch, dynamic commands can be Create an Alexa skill using which is a representation of the user's request and includes all the slot values. I am developing an Alexa Skill with one Intent that includes a Slot with several possible values. How to add slot values dynamically to alexa skill. 1.

  • You are correct that new slots cannot be added dynamically. But Abdul appears to be asking about getting additional slot values, not adding new slots or slot types. So that part is possible as described in my answer.
  • So I am confuse, can I have the slot values generated from my code?