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Are there any smooth way to run Python scripts in the PyCharm's console?

My previous IDE - PyScripter - provides me with that nice little feature. As far as I know PyCharm has 2 ways of running script in console: 1) Select a bunch of code and press Ctrl+Alt+E. 2) Save the code in a file and import it from the Console.

Are the any way to do it by pressing "Run" or "Debug" buttons? I need to see the result of my script in the console and all variables available to manipulate.

In the Run/Debug Configuration, add -i to the interpreter options. This will stop it from closing a python session even after a successful run. I.e. you will be able to see all the variable contents

Step 1. Create and run your first Python project, PyCharm creates a new Python file and opens it for editing. New Python file. Editing source code. Let's first have a� Creating a Python file Select the project root in the Project tool window, then select File | New from the main menu or press Alt+Insert. Choose the option Python file from the popup, and then type the new filename. PyCharm creates a new Python file and opens it for editing.

Run -> Edit configuration -> select the script you want to run and give it a display name -> OK

Now you can run it with the green "Run" button. The green bug button (next to the run button) will run it in debug mode.

Remark: next to the run button you can monitor the script/configuration you run by selecting it's display name.

Code Running Assistance - Help, You are working with PyCharm version 5.0 or later. You have already created a Python project and populated it with the following code: import� As far as I know PyCharm has 2 ways of running script in console: 1) Select a bunch of code and press Ctrl+Alt+E. 2) Save the code in a file and import it from the Console. 2) Save the code in a file and import it from the Console.

If you create run-time configuration then after pressing the run button (green "play" icon) you will get the desired result: your code will give you output in a console which opens atomatically at the bottom.

You can create many different configuraions for run and debug within a single project.

Here is a link from PyCharm's web help which covers the run/debug configurations:

A possible way of manipulating the variables using debug mode and evaluate expression window is added in comment but I missed one detail: to see the result of your interactive code execution you have to switch from Debugger to Console output; mode tabs are on the top-left side of the bottom pane.

Run and rerun applications - Help, Running a script Choose Run | Run on the main menu or press Alt+Shift+F10 , and then select the desired run/debug configuration. For the main clause: In the gutter, click. Choose Run <name> from the context menu: Press Ctrl+Shift+F10 . The developers can further use the IDE to run queries, edit SQL code, browse data, alter table data, and alter/analyze schemas. PyCharm further supports SQLAlchemy library and inject SQL code into code written in various programming languages.

The way I do it is a create my script in the editor, call it, eg

print "Hello"
a= 1234

then in the console I run:

reload (myfirst)

To check on the variables use:

>>> myfirst.a

Not perfect but that's pyCharm for you. If you want a pyScripter like experience which I think is more useful you can try spyder2.

Getting Started with PyCharm 3/8: Running Python Code, Getting Started with PyCharm 3/8: Running Python Code. 317,038 views317K views. • Jan Duration: 2:59 Posted: Jan 19, 2016 Running Code in PyCharm Now that you’ve coded up the game, it’s time for you to run it. You have three ways of running this program: Use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + R on Mac or Ctrl + Shift + F10 on Windows or Linux.

It may also be a good option for you to use the magic command


in the ipython console (including the %-character). Compared to Cntrl + Alt + E you also get clean information on errors in your code. Due to autocomplete it's also typed in a second and you can use this in any environment with an ipython shell. For me as a scientist who often uses python to explore data, this is a good option.

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PyCharm Tutorial, So after setting up the configuration, you are pretty much ready to execute the code and go on from there. Let us run our example and check out� By default, it is disabled, and PyCharm stores run configuration settings in .idea/workspace.xml. Toolbar The tree view of run/debug configurations has a toolbar that helps you manage configurations available in your project as well as adjust default configurations templates.

PyCharm for Productive Python Development (Guide) – Real Python, Running Code in PyCharm. Now that you've coded up the game, it's time for you to run it. You have three ways of running this program:. The PyCharm IDE is one of the most popular editors used by professional Python developers and programmers. But if you are a beginner, don’t worry, it can help you too! Find out how to create Python projects using PyCharm and what basic features can help you write code more efficiently. The PyCharm IDE is one […]

How to Get Started with PyCharm and Have a Productive Python , Running Code and the REPL. There are many ways to run our code with PyCharm. We can use the venerable print function (or statement, depending on your� This tutorial is aimed to show you how to set up a basic Docker-based Python development environment with CUDA support in PyCharm or Visual Studio Code. Disclaimers At the time of writing, I was unable to use CUDA inside of Docker in Windows 10 Home (even with the Insider build) so this tutorial has been implemented with Linux in mind even

  • PyCharm created new tab with 'Process finished with exit code 0' text. Nothing like Python Console, no varables avaible to process.
  • I need more than the result in a new console. I need to work with my variables from that script once script is finished
  • If you set a break point and run in debug PyCharm will stop at your breakpoint where you can open "evaluate expression" window (first icon from right in the debugger pane) where you can interact with variables. If certain piece of code is worth keeping you can drag it to your code area.