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Is there a quick way to create an input text element with an icon on the right to clear the input element itself (like the google search box)?

I looked around but I only found how to put an icon as background of the input element. Is there a jQuery plugin or something else?

I want the icon inside the input text element, something like:

|                                               X|

Add a type="search" to your input The support is pretty decent but will not work in IE<10

<input type="search">

Clear icon inside input field - JSFiddle, <h1>Clear icon inside input field</h1>. 2. . 3. <input class="clearable" type=" text" name="" value="" placeholder="Enter a Search term" />. JavaScript + jQuery � The responsive button inside an input field will clear the text area on the click event. In this article, we will discuss how to put a responsive clear button inside an HTML input field using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In order to put the button inside the input field, we shall use CSS. Let us see the HTML first.

HTML Textbox with a clear button in Pure CSS and without JavaScript, a clearable textbox ( a textbox with a clear button , normally comes for the input type="search". ) <input type="text" name="focus" required class="search-box"� initially clear icon is hidden; when we type anything in text box, if the text box is in focus and the text box has some value in it then the clear icon will be displayed. If anyone click on clear icon, it will clear the corresponding text box content. In simple I want to create a replica of clear icon that is displayed in webkit browsers search box.

You could use a reset button styled with an image...

<form action="" method="get">
   <input type="text" name="search" required="required" placeholder="type here" />
   <input type="reset" value="" alt="clear" />

      height: 38px;
      font-size: 15pt;

   input[type="text"]:invalid + input[type="reset"]{
     display: none;

      background-image: url( );
      background-position: center center;
      background-repeat: no-repeat;
      height: 38px;
      width: 38px;
      border: none;
      background-color: transparent;
      cursor: pointer;
      position: relative;
      top: -9px;
      left: -44px;

See it in action here:

Targeting click of "clear" button (x) on input field, How would you go about targeting the click of the clear button at the end of an input field? I searched Clear icon inside input text. javascript� Clear icon inside input text. javascript, jquery, html, css. asked by Giovanni Di Milia on 10:00PM - 06 Jun 11 UTC. you also can alway write something liek that

I've created a clearable textbox in just CSS. It requires no javascript code to make it work

below is the demo link

CSS to put icon inside an input element in a form, To add icon inside the input element the <i> tag and <span> tag are used widely to add icons on the webpages. input class = "input-field" type = "text" > How to put a responsive clear button inside HTML input text field ? Clear icon inside input text (16 answers) Closed 4 years ago. I am working on a webpage where I have a HTML Input Text element which is disabled onload. I currently

According to MDN, <input type="search" /> is currently supported in all modern browsers:

<input type="search" value="Clear this." />

How to put a responsive clear button inside HTML input text field , HTML Code: By using the HTML, we will place the input field where we will add a resposive button to clear the field. We create a text field and a� Otherwise, IE10 ignores the padding defined on the field -- padding-right-- which was intended to keep the text from typing over the 'X' icon that I overlayed on the input field. I'm guessing that IE10 is internally applying the padding-right of the input to the ::--ms-clear pseudo element, and hiding the pseudo element does not restore the

Clear / reset "x" button inside input-field? - HTML & CSS, how does one make one of those x clear buttons on the right and inside an input-field? adds an x when you start typing in the text field in webkit browsers. A simple and easy way to position an Icon inside of an input is to use the position CSS property as shown in the code below. Note: I have simplified the code for clarity purposes. Create the container surrounding the input and icon. Set the container position as relative; Set the icon as position absolute.

Add cross to clear text in input type search - JavaScript, This for example is a a text field on one page thats t… that add the clear icon automatically to inputs that are type=“search” ? button was clicked inside what text box to only clear the text inside that textbox, not all of them. Basically you can’t put an icon inside of a textInput but you can fake it by wrapping it inside a view and setting up some simple styling rules. Here's how it works: put both Icon and TextInput inside a parent View; set flexDirection of the parent to ‘row’ which will align the children next to each other

how to show clear X button in chrome with type Password, Clear icon inside input text, Add a clear button for input group component in Bootstrap 3. <input type="text" class="form-control" id="exampleInput1"� Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

  • A jQuery plugin to position an image over an input box? Am I missing something or what?!
  • @Christian Sciberras As you can see from the answer I chose, it can be a jquery plugin...
  • You can have a jQuery plugin to show plain alert boxes. It doesn't mean you really have to, and in most cases, it is over-engineered bloat. Oh and by the way, what you selected isn't a jQuery plugin, but a mix of javascript, html and css. A plugin would be a single file/script with the jQuery signature containing the relevant details.
  • @Christian Sciberras: I can distinguish between a jQuery plugin and a mix of javascript and CSS. What I was saying is that if you want to do something nice, you cannot put only an image on an input box.
  • Folks looking for this issue will need this information as well: How do you detect the clearing of a "search" HTML5 input?
  • I took the liberty of borrowing some of the ideas in this code to make a tag cloud generator (with pure css tags and upvote and downvote buttons). I hope it looks ok in your browser; check it out at
  • Wow, really nice solution. That's what I am looking for. Thank you. But, how can I change the "x" image to using the Bootstrap 3 glyphicon? Because the glyphicon is font, therefore, it display better when it zoom out.
  • Nice, but the background image can clash with other CSS. The answer below by wldaunfr refers to a neat jQuery plug-in:
  • works nicely for me in latest firefox and chrome. but had to change .on('touchstart click', '.onX', ... to .on('touchstart click', '.onX, .x', ... to make it work on iOS.
  • @RokoC.Buljan I just tested again and here is my findings 1) Input few characters in the input text box 2) 'X' icon appears 3) Tried Click on the 'X' icon but the text text does not clear away. Note: At this point of time, the iPhone keyboard is still active and not hidden. 4) If I clicked on "Done" button to hide the keyboard and then click back on the 'X' icon, the text will be cleared correctly now. Seems like I am unable to clear the text with 'X' when the iPhone keyboard is shown.