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I have a table that it has a column Name. The user can specified some characters So that the name column should not contain all those characters. How I can do this dynamically for unknown number of characters?


Try this:

Select name from tbl
select name from tbl
(select substring(a.b, v.number + 1, 1) letter
from (select 'WCRTV' b) a
join master..spt_values v on v.number < len(a.b)
where v.type = 'P') chars
on name like '%' + chars.letter + '%'

First, you take a string as the input, here the input is a static value 'WCRTV' then using the following code, you can convert the string into a list of chars (the credit of this part goes to this link):

select substring(a.b, v.number + 1, 1) letter
from (select 'WCRTV' b) a
join master..spt_values v on v.number < len(a.b)
where v.type = 'P'

Then you join the result with your table and finally subtract the result from the table.

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If you want to find names that contain the forbidden characters, then use like:

select name
from tbl
where name like '%[' + @forbidden_characters + ']%'

For example, if the characters to be ignored are numbers, then @forbidden_characters would contain '0123455789'.

If the characters were stored in a table instead, you can use JOIN:

select, f.c
from t join
     @forbidden f
     on like replace('%[<c>]%', '<c>', f.c);

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use regular expression with NOT LIKE "%[your charecter]%"

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  • Ok Thanks but How?
  • you should pul all the char set inside [ ] .for example you have ''abc"' use it NOT LIKE [abc] ,if you have "abcd" use it [abcd].where is the confusion .please clear
  • consider these characters: a , b , c I want to select names that NOT LIKE N'%a%' and NOT LIKE N'%b%' and NOT LIKE N'%c%'
  • How about something like this... WHERE colName not IN (''A","B", "C", ... )
  • if your characters are a,b,c then it would be NOT LIKE "%[a|b|c]%"