Can I disable keyboard input to a specific control?

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Is it possible to disable keyboard input to a control? For instance a ListView? How do I do that? I've tried overriding the KeyUp KeyDown events but apparently that was not the way?

IsEnabled is a good solution, however I only wish to disable keyboard interaction and leave mouse interaction intact.

Handling the KeyDown event is too late, but you can handle the PreviewKeyDown event and that should give you the behavior you are looking for:

private void MyListBox_PreviewKeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
   e.Handled = true;

Disable keyboard input - MSDN, I know I can stop many of these things by setting properties of the various controls , but given the input could be erratic, I need to check it before I� Method 1: Use device manager to disable the keyboard in Windows 10 Most of the methods discussed below involve the use of third-party utilities to lock the keyboard. However, if you don’t want to use a third-party application, there is still an option to lock the keyboard through the device manager.

Dear maciek, the only thig you need to do is using OnKeyDown event just do

private void txtInput_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
            e.Handled = true; // user can input
            e.Handled = false; // user cannot input

BlockInput, This mode only blocks user inputs while specific send and/or mouse commands are in progress. For example, BlockInput On will continue to block input until BlockInput Off is used, ^!p:: KeyWait Control ; Wait for the key to be released. How to disable input only for an specific input ? 05-05-2014, 07:39 AM I've set my character up so it can equip a sword and unequip it by pressing the related Action Input key < F > , First time pressing F will equip the sword , second time pressing F will unequip the sword .

KeyDown generally works for me if you do the following in it:

e.Handled = true;
e.SuppressKeyPress = true;

A more complete example with a practical application (disabling input from non-numeric characters):

John makes a good point though. Any reason you would want to disable interaction with the Control but not set Enabled = false?

Edit: I just noticed the WPF tag. Not so sure of my answer anymore since I'm a WPF hater ;-)

How to disable your keyboard in Windows 10, or re-enable it , You can disable the keyboard on your Windows 10 computer via the Device Manager. Once you disable your keyboard, the keys will be� There is a tiny program named Simple Disable Key allows you to disable keys on your computer keyboard. Before going ahead, download Simple Disable Key and install it on your computer. 1) This software comes with a simple interface, and working procedure is also easy. In order to disable a key, just run the application and click on the text bar.

That is the purpose of the WebControl.Enabled = false; to prevent it from responding to user input.

edit: now that the question has changed, disabling the control is no longer a solution. However I think a control that responds to mouse clicks by not keyboard is buggy, not everyone prefers to use the mouse.

How to disable specific keys of keyboard, For key mapping I suggest you to use AutoHotKey. It does not require restart to bring changes Duration: 6:22 Posted: Oct 14, 2017 You can disable certain keys that you might press accidentally, such as the CAPS LOCK key or the Windows key. To disable a key 1. Using the keyboard that you want to configure, start IntelliType Pro.

KeyPressEventArgs.Handled : Gets or sets a value indicating whether the KeyPress event was handled.

Property Value Boolean true if the event is handled; otherwise, false.

if you set e.Handled = true, keyboard event not dispatch anymore.

Function BlockInput, Disable/enable the mouse and keyboard. Windows version; however, pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del on any platform will re-enable input due to a Windows API feature. The above will disable the CapsLock key. If you need to disable a different key, all you have to do is change the key that’s declared at the start of the script. To be precise, you will be replacing the ‘CapsLock’ bit. Save it with the AHK file extension and then run it.

How do I disable built in keyboard in my laptop?, Originally Answered: How can I disable my laptop keyboard? Control panel ( NOT SETTINGS) -> Keyboard (use icons) -> Keyboard Lock -> Auto Lock but I can tell you one that is definitely going to work (given you are willing to use a From there click on input devices and keyboards and right click each one and click� If you don’t need to switch keyboard layout often, you can easily disable this hot key. Those who do need to change language keyboard layout on a daily basis (working with multiple languages at the same time) may leave this untouched or change shortcut to version which is less likely to type by mistake.

Can I disable the "Alt+Shift" shortcut to change language in windows , Press the Windows key, type Advanced keyboard settings and then press Enter Windows 10 update, at least for me (I no longer have a "Language" icon in the Control Panel). The "Text Services and Input Languages" dialog will appear. How To Disable A Laptop Keyboard [Step-by-Step] Disable Laptop Keyboard When External Plugged In (Windows – Temporary) To use this method, you must also have an external mouse as it will disable your laptop’s trackpad along with your keyboard. Use this method while you have your external keyboard and mouse plugged in.

How to Block Input During Remote Control, Lock the host keyboard and mouse to prevent anyone sitting at the host machine from entering data during a remote control session. Unit in Your Organization � Sample Implementation 3: Disable LogMeIn for a Specific Domain. How to Block Input During Remote Control You can turn this feature on or off at any time. That is the purpose of the WebControl.Enabled = false; to prevent it from responding to user input. edit: now that the question has changed, disabling the control is no longer a solution. However I think a control that responds to mouse clicks by not keyboard is buggy, not everyone prefers to use the mouse.

  • So you just want to punish keyboard users?
  • Indeed - I do. I'm looking for mouse-only
  • hey Maciek, youshouldn't use both of Handled code above, as I mentioned in comments you have to use on of those
  • can't access e.SuppressKeyPress :/
  • I apply a minus point, cause this approach will disable the control,and that not the solution