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I have an issue get cate and point below.

This is table query

id    title    cate    query_id    point   |
1     A        1       1           1       |
2     B        1       1           3       |
3     C        1       1           2       |
4     A        2       2           3       |
5     B        2       2           2       |
6     C        1       2           1       |

If I groupby(cate, query) and get max point

cate    query_id    point   |
1       1           3       |
2       2           3       |
1       2           1       |

but I want to get sum of max poin by cate like this:

cate    point |
1         4   | 
2         3   |

I hope you could help me.

You can make an aggregate of an aggregate using a derived-table subquery like this:

SELECT cate, SUM(point) AS point
    SELECT cate, query_id, MAX(point) AS point
    FROM MyTable
    GROUP BY cate, query_id
) AS t
GROUP BY cate;

Solved: sum of max values, Although, the minimum value for C�rdoba (500) it should not be considered in the sum. Is there any expression for this? Thanks! Solved! Go to� Maximum sum of a Matrix where each value is from a unique row and column Replace every matrix element with maximum of GCD of row or column Check whether row or column swaps produce maximum size binary sub-matrix with all 1s

with this you get the desired result


Why MAX() of SUM() giving wrong output?, A column values that is used in the group by clause is the same for all rows in to sub-query in your answer ,in cross join's sub-select just get the max summed� If you already have a standard measure to sum your amount column, i.e., SUM (Table1 [Amount]), you can also use WeeklyMax = MAXX (VALUES (Table1 [Week Commencing]), [SumAmount]) This will return 60 in the totals row or when you have multiple weeks in one evaluation, but will return the week's sum otherwise. View solution in original post

First, you need to use group by(cate, query) and get cate,query_id,max(point).

SELECT cate, query_id, MAX(point) AS point
FROM demo
GROUP BY cate, query_id

demo on dbFiddle

Now You want to get sum of point group by cate from the above query output.

SELECT p.cate, SUM(p.point) AS point
    SELECT cate, query_id, MAX(point) AS point
    FROM demo
    GROUP BY cate, query_id
) AS p
GROUP BY cate;

demo on dbfiddle

Find column with maximum sum in a Matrix, That is the column whose sum of elements are maximum. Examples: Input : mat[][ ] Function to find the column with max sum. pair< int , int >� @KHorseman Is late that is why you probably missed it..Wrap MAX() with calculate . Sum of Max = SUMX ( VALUES ( TableName[City] ); CALCULATE ( MAX ( TableName[Sales] ) ) ) On the Total ( no city filters) it sums 3 times the MAX of all table 3x3000

ActiveRecord::Calculations, This calculates aggregate values in the given column. Methods for count , sum , average , minimum , and maximum have been added as shortcuts. Person. calculate(:count, :all) # The same as Person.count Person.average(:age) # SELECT� Using your existing query as a subquery would be one way: SELECT SUM(maxpostmetric) FROM ( SELECT post_metrics.post_id,, MAX(post_metrics.value) maxpostmetric FROM post_metrics INNER JOIN post_metric_types ON = post_metrics.post_metric_type_id LEFT JOIN posts ON = post_metrics.post_id WHERE post_metrics.post_metric_type_id = 2 AND posts

How to find the item with the largest sum in a table range?, To find the max value in a list of values is easy for most of Excel users, but have in every column, please try to use the Kutools for Excel's Select Cells With Max� The AVG () function returns the average value of a numeric column. The SUM () function returns the total sum of a numeric column.

SQLite MAX: Get the Maximum Value in a Set, MAX([ALL|DISTINCT] expression);. The expression can be a column of a table or an expression that consists of operands, which are the columns, and operators� Solved: I need a dax function that populates all Rows of column Top1 with the Max Value of sales. looking at the picture, i want 1423 in all rows.

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