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I want to open a new Fragment called optionsFragment from my RecyclerView Adapter onlick. I tried a lot of tutorials but I'm too stupid for this.

The new fragment should be has a back arrow button at the left top corner to go back to the RecyclerView.

Please help me.

This is my onClick function for my holder in the adapter:

FragmentManager benutzerlisteManager = ((NavigationDrawerActivity)customContext).getSupportFragmentManager();

               BenutzerOverviewFragment benutzerOverviewFragment = new BenutzerOverviewFragment();


Here is how you load new fragment from adapter:

  holder.itemView.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
            public void onClick(View v) {
 OptionsFragment optionsFrag = new OptionsFragment ();
((ActivityName)context).getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction().replace(, optionsFrag,"OptionsFragment").addToBackStack(null).commit();

and for back press icon follow this : Manage toolbar's navigation and back button from fragment in android

How open fragment from RecyclerView.Adapter<CardAdapter , Note : If you want to call fragment from adapter class then you should make interface and pass listener to your button click method and implement your activity with that interface. And after that you can use this. f_manager in your adapter class getView() method. its still not work, i've already implement that in adapter and put it on main activity, but still didnt open up my fragment – Appem Jan 21 '19 at 22:49 Have you tried to debug ? have you tried to check if it works without the click event (by putting the fragment transaction code inside Activity.onCreate) ? – havabon Jan 22 '19 at 20:59

  1. Create an Interface: public interface MyItemClickListener { void onItemClick(int position); }

  2. Implement this interface to your Activity/Fragment:

class MyActivity extends Activity implements MyItemClickListener{ }

  1. pass the object of your Interface to Adapter:

MyAdapter adapter = new MyAdapter(this); //this is instance of MyItemClickListner

  1. Call method of interface from the adapter:

// OnClickListener for holder

holder.itemView.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() { @Override public void onClick(final View v) { mMyClickListner.onItemClick(getAdapterPosition()); } });

This will call onItemClick in you activity/fragment. From this method declaration, you can open fragment:


How can I open fragment from onClick, I want to open a fragment form onClick in my recyclerview adapter and pass data. I know how open a activity(check the code below), but how� Use the loginManager to add more permission. you can add it on click button or on create view or fragment LoginManager.getInstance().logInWithReadPermissions( fragmentOrActivity, Arrays.asList("user_friends")); You can also get AccessToken via following if needed after getting new permission AccessToken.getCurrentAccessToken()

I am assuming that you have activity object. You can use activity object like this

holder.itemView.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
            public void onClick(final View v) {

            activity.getFragmentManager().beginTransaction().replace(,new YourFragment()).addToBackStack(null).commit();


Start new Fragment with ButtonClick from Fragment, I'm trying to start a different Fragment from a fragment but it won't work. The error i get is: with the fragment Ihave the button in: @Nullable� with the fragment Ihave the button in: @Nullable @Override public View onCreateView ( LayoutInflater inflater , @Nullable ViewGroup container , @Nullable Bundle savedInstanceState ) { View view = inflater . inflate ( R . layout . fragment_startscreen , container , false ); Button newGameButton = ( Button ) view . findViewById ( R . id . newGameButton ); newGameButton . setOnClickListener ( new View .

Try it

private Context mContext;
ArrayList<Inquiry> mInquiryYearsLists;
InquiryFragment mInquiryFragment;

public InquiryAdapter(Context context, ArrayList<Inquiry> arrayListingg) {
    this.mInquiryYearsLists = arrayListingg;
    this.mContext = context;

public void onBindViewHolder(@NonNull MyHolder holder, int position) {

            mInquiryFragment = new InquiryDashboardFragment();

            FragmentTransaction mFragmentTransaction = ((FragmentActivity)mContext).getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction();
            mFragmentTransaction.replace(, mInquiryFragment). mFragmentTransaction.addToBackStack(null).commit();



How can I create a custom list in android fragment with onclick for , setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() { @Override public void onClick( View v) { showDialog(); } }); } } my recycler view adapter. How to open a viewpager fragment when a recyclerview item is clicked. You can do this by using interface callback when a recyclerview item is clicked: You could do this: class NavdrawerRecyclerAdapter extends RecyclerView.

Set a click listener to a RecyclerView, Use it whenever you need it by creating a new adapter and the listener that will Learn how to start and use a more idiomatic Kotlin in a breeze OnClickListener interface) doing so causes each row displayed on screen (lets say hai Antonio Leiva i want to how to create a on item click listener in fragment..please tell me. Simply you can do it easy… You just need to get the context of your activity, here, from your View. //Create intent getting the context of your View and the class where you want to go Intent intent = new Intent(view.getContext(), YourClass.class); //start the activity from the view/context view.getContext().startActivity(intent); //If you are inside activity, otherwise pass context to this

How to open a different fragment on recyclerview item onclick, Is there a way to do this? public class AdapterClass extends RecyclerView. OnClick of the drawer list item, I am able to open different activities, however I would� The fragment of each page the user visits will be kept in memory, though its view hierarchy may be destroyed when not visible. This can result in using a significant amount of memory since fragment instances can hold on to an arbitrary amount of state. For larger sets of pages, consider FragmentStatePagerAdapter.

Recyclerview onclick to open new fragment, I have recycleview in fragment. When i click one of the items in recyclerview,ı want to open new fragment. I have to column in my adapter as you see picture: I� Project have got 4 tabs in actionbar and i call fragments in my container programmatically. Second tab open Product fragment with a listview. i want to learn what must i do, when click a product list item what must be my way. in example item click and go for product detail a Activity or a Fragment.

  • open activity and in activity u can open fragment u can't open fragment whithout any activity
  • Pass FragmentManager to adapter constructor and use later or you can simply call method from activity or register interface and implement it to your activity class
  • @DarshanKachhadiya I have a navigation drawer activity where I open the RecyclerView as a fragment. And now I need to open the new fragment when I click a row in my RecyclerView
  • context.getFragmentManager() this will not return your FragmentManager. Context should be your activity.