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I am looking for a solution to set more than just one font for my PDF document which is created with tcpdf.

I want to do something like this:

$pdf->SetFont('verdana_bold', 'B', 12);
$pdf->SetFont('verdana', '', 12);

I need for my document a bold font and a regular font. The example above doesn't work. When I switch the two lines the text is all bold. When I use the example above the text is just regular.

I want to set the font-weight with regular css stylesheets.

Hope you have a solution.

You can use your custom fonts inside html like this:

$fontname=$pdf->addTTFfont('path/myfont.ttf', '', '', 32);
//echo $fontname;

$html='<span style="font-family:'.$fontname'.;font-weight:bold">my text in bold</span>: my normal text';

How to set different Fonts in TCPDF, Generating font files used by TCPDF. TCPDF can't use directly the font files to embed TrueType fonts (.TTF) files, but instead, you need to extract� Set the Font On the configuration file (config/tcpdf_config.php) set the K_PATH_FONTS constant to the TCPDF fonts path. On the fourth parameter of the TCPDF class constructor you have to specify if you are using Unicode fonts (true) or old fonts (false). To set the font in your script you just need to call the SetFont() method. It is mandatory to call this method at least once before printing text or the resulting document would not be valid.

The lines below will generate 3 files in your fonts folder

rotisserifi56.php, rotisserifi56.ctg, rotisserifi56.rar

use this to generate the file

$fontname = $this->pdf->addTTFfont('fonts/Rotis Serif Italic 56.ttf', 'TrueTypeUnicode', '', 32);

// use the font
$this->pdf->SetFont($fontname, '', 14, '', false);

Now, use the fonts like this:

$this->pdf->AddFont('rotisserifi56', '', 'rotisserifi56.php');

How to implement custom fonts in TCPDF, Hi, I am rtrying to use two different fonts within the one generated pdf. The second font is needs to display check marks. Here is the code,� Stack Overflow Public questions and answers; Teams Private questions and answers for your team; Enterprise Private self-hosted questions and answers for your enterprise; Talent Hire technical talent

Different fonts with TCPDF - PHP, You can use your custom fonts inside html like this: $fontname=$pdf->addTTFfont ('path/myfont.ttf', '', '', 32); //echo $fontname; $html='<span style="font-family:'. Inside the tcpdf/tools folder you will find the tcpdf_addfont.php file. This can be used in the command line in the following way: php tcpdf_addfont.php i- [your-font.ttf] The command will automatically create the required files inside the tcpdf/fonts folder of your project and displays the name of the font that can be used in your code.

I know this question is pretty old but I had the same problem and fixed it.

What you CAN do but SHOULDN'T do is:

$pdf->SetFont('verdana_bold', 'B', 12);
$pdf->SetFont('verdana', '', 12);

What you basically do here is define 2 fonts. One with the name verdana and one with name verdana_bold. While you specify the B for bold it can't find this ttf. Because TCPDF basically checks for a file in the fonts dir called verdana_boldb.ttf. This doesn't exist so it takes the verdana_bold.ttf (which at first sight seems to be the correct behavior).

For me the issue got noticable after I tried to use both bold and non-bold styles in a table and I either only got the whole table in bold or the whole table in non-bold (removing or adding the B style specifier doesn't make a difference).

What you SHOULD do:

Add the new font type:

$fontname = TCPDF_FONTS::addTTFfont($fontfile, 'TrueType', '', 32);

When you want to use the font:

$pdf->SetFont('verdana', '', 10, '', false);

When you want items in bold in a HTML cell use the html b tag:


You can check in the fonts directory if you have the verdanab.ttf file.

$ ls fonts/verdanab.
verdanab.ctg.z  verdanab.php    verdanab.z

I hope this helps someone else :)

How to set different Fonts in TCPDF, library to create PDF for our need. This article will demonstrate how to change default font Duration: 3:58 Posted: May 14, 2017 This topic was automatically closed 91 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.

I just fixed my problem. The problem was, that the fonts must be named in the right way. verdana_bold is wrong - it must be verdanab. Then i just have to register the verdana font and tcpdf grab automaticly the verdanab.ttf for the bold version of this font.

TCPDF Font style Change, use TCPDF's addTTFfont and send as parameter a TTF (possibly another type too):. $font = $this->addTTFfont("filename.ttf");. use the fontname� 1 Answer1. active oldest votes. 4. If you are using the default headers, call this before you call the AddPage method. $pdf->setHeaderFont (array ('fontnamehere', 'stylehere', fontsize)); For example, here's one I used with my own project: $pdf->setHeaderFont (array ('playtime', '', 20)); Which set the header to use the regular-styled playtime font (a font I added to my installation) at 20pt.

Adding a custom font to TCPDF, Standard fonts use Windows encoding cp1252 (Western Europe). styles do not apply to Symbol and ZapfDingbats basic fonts or other fonts when not defined. Open the TCPDF file after download and go to FONTS. Copy these files. aealarabiya.ctg.z. aealarabiya.z. aealarabiya.php. Paste in this location: your WHCMS root libraries/tcpdf/fonts if fonts folder doesn't exist create it. there might be issue with your character set in your code.

Method: TCPDF#SetFont — Documentation for rfpdf (1.17.4), fonts/'. If you are adding custom fonts you need to copy all fonts from This directory contains just selected set of original tcpdf fonts in order to� Click on Fonts. Click on the font family that you want to use. For example, Arial, Courier New, Verdana, Tahoma, etc.

Add fonts for embedding, While using TCPDF to generate pdf files I am trying to embed fonts to my pdf file. Or, you can make use of a separate jsServer function which can parse same� Started in 2002, TCPDF is now one of the world's most active Open Source projects, used daily by millions of users and included in thousands of CMS and Web applications. . Check the example

  • Alternatively, use PhantomJS and have that produce a PDF using WebKit rendering.
  • If running PhantomJS from Linux systems, it still requires Freetype and Fontconfig.
  • When i upload my verdana.ttf to my webserver its automaticly splittet in 4 files. Verdana.ttf, Verdanai.ttf (italic), verdanab.ttf(bold) and verdanaib.ttr(bold italic) - but in ur way i just add one font - for example verdana.ttf - but there is no solution to get the bold and the regular font.
  • You are not addressing the issue. The issue is that bold and italic wont work unless you follow a naming convention.