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I would like to get the value from the dropdown in main.php file into MySQL server using PHP file.


If the user didn't select any choice or a select default choice <option value="0">(Select Animal)</option> where option value = 0.

Then if the option value = 0, the value from dropdown should not be inserted into the MySQL server.

So, what should I need to add into add.php?


include 'connection.php';
require_once 'add.php';
<form method="post" action="add.php">
     <select id="animal" name="animal">                      
            <option value="0">(Select Animal)</option> <!--Non select option-->
            <option value="Cat">Cat</option>
            <option value="Dog">Dog</option>
            <option value="Cow">Cow</option>
     <button type="submit" name="Save">Save</button > <!--Send the selected value to add.php-->

Another PHP file (add.php)


include 'connection.php';
              $animal = mysqli_real_escape_string($conn,$_POST['animal']; );            
              $conn->query("INSERT INTO animal (name) VALUES(?)");              
              header("location: main.php");

you can use Javascript validation for the dropdown or Keep a condition for $_POST of animal like below:


include 'connection.php';
              $animal = mysqli_real_escape_string($conn,$_POST['animal']);            
              $sql="INSERT INTO animal (name) VALUES(?) ";              
              header("location: main.php");
      header("location: main.php");

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Make sure you know the array key exists before checking if it is set or you may get an error/warning.

Then ensure that the animal value is greater than 0... and include it in your query.

    include 'connection.php';
    if(array_key_exists('Save', $_POST)) {
      if(array_key_exists('animal', $_POST) && $_POST['animal'] > 0) {
        $animal = mysqli_real_escape_string($conn, $_POST['animal']);

        //Prepare statement
        $conn->prepare("INSERT INTO animal (name) VALUES (?)");

        //Include animal value in string query
        $conn->bind_param("s", $animal);

        //Run query

        header("location: main.php");
      } else {
        //Fail gracefully
        header("location: error.php"); //Or whereever you want to redirect to.

Bare in mind, you are not actually running the query here.

You're just creating it as a string, nor are you adding the value of animal to it.

Also, remove that semicolon after $_POST['animal'] when doing mysqli_real_escape_string().

EDIT: I've updated mine with your update.

EDIT 2: I have also added what you need to correctly prepare the statement.

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  • It seems little syntax error but I have already fixed it. Thank for help. :D