How do I programatically scroll down the page?

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When the page loads, I want to use Javascript/Jquery to automatically take the user to the 500px downwards. But it has to seem natural.

How can that be done?

Just Javascript: window.scrollBy(0,500);

Window.scroll(), I would like to make the page scroll down automatically (programmatically) after the gridview is populated, so that the header of the gridview is� To move page by page, you can hold down the Ctrl key and press Page Up or Page Down. You can also use View>Navigation Pane and click on the page icons to move a page at a time. Author of "OOXML Hacking - Unlocking Microsoft Office's Secrets", now available John Korchok, Production Manager

You can use the jquery scrollto plugin. It's very easy.

Programmatically Scrolling Down on a Page, What is a Scrollbar? A Scrollbar is a lets you move around screen in horizontal or vertical direction if the current page scroll does not fit the visible area of the� How do I programatically scroll down the page? Ask Question Asked 10 years, 8 months ago. Have an element with an ID at about 500px down and just do.

Is there a lighter version? Just using javascript?

You could consider calling window.location.hash during onload. Have an element with an ID at about 500px down and just do

window.onload = function() {
    window.location.hash = '#foo';

Oh, the # is mandatory for IE compatibility ;)

How to Scroll Down or UP a Page in Selenium Webdriver, The scrollTo() method of the window Interface can be used to scroll to a specified location on the page. It accepts 2 parameters the x and y� I downloaded Windows 10. Now I cannot scroll down a page by putting the mouse on the page. I have to use the bar on the right. It drives me crazy. I would love some suggestions or I will have to. go back to Windows 7. Thank you

use the jquery one Jourkey suggested. Cross platform easy to use etc. There is pure JavaScript one you can try, though YMMV on browsers other than IE

"scrollTo Method

Scrolls the window to the specified x- and y-offset. "

Scroll to the top of the page using JavaScript/jQuery, Toggle between class names on different scroll positions - When the user scrolls down 50 pixels from the top of the page, the class name "test" will be added to� The remaining 26% was spent in small increments further down the length of the page. Understandably, not every page is the same length. To determine how people divide their fixations across the page (independent of how long the page is), we split the pages into 20% segments (i.e., one-fifth of each page).


HTML DOM scrollTop Property, Note: For this method to work, the visible property of the window's scrollbar must be set to true! Positive values will scroll down, while negative values scroll up� Select the Horizontal scroll bar and the Vertical scroll bar check boxes in the "Show Window Elements" section. Close the View dialog bo. Restore the preferences and Normal template to the default settings. If the issue still occurs, try to restore the preferences and Normal template to the default settings. To do this, follow these steps:

Window scrollBy() Method, Get code examples like "javascript scroll to bottom of div" instantly right and submit it dynamically jquery � create a html page with javascript� Using Chrome, the up or down arrows on your keyboard should scroll you up or down through the list of messages, and the Page Down or Page Up keys will "jump" down/up in the list as well. Inside a message, the up/down and page up/down keys should do the same thing.

javascript scroll to bottom of div Code Example, This method will jump you straight to the top of the element with Id MyID . If you want to animate the scroll down the page, then a simple little bit� Scroll down to the next page, then click at the very start of the page to place the blinking cursor. You can use this method to turn an entire page landscape—to do this, select all of the

Scroll an element into view programmatically with JavaScript, Click inside the scroll bar in the direction you want to view. On a vertical scroll bar, for example, click above the scroll box to move your view up one page. Similarly, click below the scroll box to move your view down a page. The Start menu’s extreme right edge is a difficult-to-see scroll bar, but it appears when the mouse pointer is nearby.

  • If you want a lighter version, this is the way to go. You could add a loop so it looks like ScrollTo, the jQuery plugin
  • I recall a browser incompatibility with this function. Not sure, but I'd check that first.
  • I think IE needs scrollTo() but I'm not sure.
  • yes, window.scrollTo(0,500); seems to be the most compatible way, I would recommend using that instead.
  • +1: had that in mind as well when I read the question subject in the list.
  • Is there a lighter version? Just using javascript?