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I have an array containing 4 items, and I want each of these items to display in its own div.

<div id="chord-box"></div>
<div id="chord-box"></div>
<div id="chord-box"></div>
<div id="chord-box"></div>
const chordsArray = ['C', 'Dm', 'Em', 'F'];
const chordBox = document.getElementById('chord-box');

How do I get each array item to display in it's own div?

Another way is to create elements on runtime with the great advantage: you do not need divs to be present (and in a finite number) in your scaffolding, their number will depend on the number of your chords.

const chordsArray = ['C', 'Dm', 'Em', 'F'];
const container = document.getElementById('container');

for(let i=0; i < chordsArray.length; i += 1){
  let chord = document.createElement('div');
  chord.innerHTML = chordsArray[i];
<div id="container"></div>

How to display the array items into different div's while iterating , One of possible solutions is to add another one nested loop to control the portion of items, and this way you don't need if checks: for (i = 0; i� Answer: Use the jQuery.each () function The jQuery.each () or $.each () can be used to seamlessly iterate over any collection, whether it is an object or an array. However, since the $.each () function internally retrieves and uses the length property of the passed array or object.

A quick and dirty way of doing this:

const chordsArray = ['C', 'Dm', 'Em', 'F'];
const chordBox = document.getElementsByClassName('chord-box');

for(let i = 0; i < chordBox.length; i++) {
  chordBox[i].innerText = chordsArray[i];
<div class="chord-box"></div>
<div class="chord-box"></div>
<div class="chord-box"></div>
<div class="chord-box"></div>

How to Display all Items in Array Using Loop in jQuery, each() can be used to seamlessly iterate over any collection, whether it is an object or an array. However, since the $.each() function internally retrieves and uses� Displaying all elements of an array We used one for loop to display all elements of an array by using their index. To identify how many loops we have to make we must know the total number of elements present inside the array. That we can find out like this

you could use this code that generates the boxes dynamically

var chordsArray = ['C', 'Dm', 'Em', 'F'];
var bodyElement = document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0];

for(var i = 0; i < chordBox.length; i++) {
    var chordBox = document.createElement("div");
    chordBox.className = "chord-box";
    chordBox.innerHTML = chordsArray[i];

In this case, I add the boxes into the body element.

.after(), HTML string, DOM element, text node, array of elements and text nodes, or jQuery This example inserts a <div> after each paragraph, with each new <div> � I have multiple arrays for each product and I don’t know how I can compare the value to each of those arrays let alone display the correct divs that those arrays represent. Thanks for your help.

Good question. You could try something like this by looping through your chord array and generating HTML from it.

const html = ['C', 'Dm', 'Em', 'F'].map(chord => {return `<div id='${chord}'>${chord}</div> `}).join('')
const chordsContainer = document.getElementById("chords-container");
chordsContainer.innerHTML += html

To break it down:

  1. Create a array ['C', 'Dm', 'Em', 'F']
  2. Iterate through each chord using map naming each item as it comes out chord
  3. Generate the html by returning each time <div id='${chord}'>${chord}</div>
  4. Join the Array in a string of HTML .join('')
  5. Finally, add the newly generated html to the chordsContainer

Read more on map -> Javascript Array.map() on Mozilla MDN

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  • There are a few issues here, primarily that you're using an id multiple times; it can only be used once
  • I want each of these items to display in its own div , which one belongs to which div?