cmd cannot recognize dex2jar- Android Apk

install dex2jar
d2j-dex2jar.bat: command not found
d2j dex2jar github
dex2jar vdex
dex to jar
d2j-apk-sign download
apk to jar

i want to get source code from apk and use this solution Is there a way to get the source code from an APK file?

i try to dex file to jar and i used dex2jar; but cmd cannot recognize this command.

dex2jar classes.dex

"dex2jar is not recognized as an internal or external command"

is dex2jar deprecated?

what can i use to convert dex to jar?

None of the above answers worked for me, I was able to get it working in the following way, There is no need of the classes.dex file. So follow the following instructions carefully:

  1. Download the latest version of dex2jar i was able to google it and get the latest one from sourceforge. just in case if you didnt get it
  2. drop your apk file inside the dex2jar folder.

  3. open command prompt[win user] and navigate to that folder where you dropped the apk file.

  4. enter this command d2j-dex2jar.bat someApk.apk and you will get the jar file[read the jar file using jd-ui tool] for mac users refer this[point 4 in the link] for suitable terminal command

cmd cannot recognize dex2jar- Android Apk, dex2jar not recognized in cmd prompt try to convert dex file to jar using the dex2jar command or d2j-dex2jar command, the system says d2j-dex2jar.bat abc.apk For more options, visit goto folder in command prompt; chmod u+x; chmod u+x; put desired apk to decompile in dex2jar folder; sh -f -o output_jar.jar my_app.apk; This will generate output_jar.jar in same folder

Use the command

d2j-dex2jar classes.dex

instead of

dex2jar classes.dex

Also make sure that u extracted the dex2jar file in the same folder as your apk source files kept in step 1 of given example.

dex2jar not recognized in cmd prompt, we can't modify dex or jar(.class) file directly. dex2jar support to and for the zip command, just open the test_apk-debug-toast.apk with winRAR,winZIP or 7z,� cmd cannot recognize dex2jar- Android Apk. Hot Network Questions Assessing a potential supervisor who had a fallout with a previous PhD student Can an iOS app that

If you are using dex2jar-2.x jar file than it is creating problem. Try to download dex2jar- jar file and then try that command.

dex2jar / Wiki / ModifyApkWithDexTool, Electron Packager is a command line tool and Node. exe: Click to open a file: Here I has expired, but you can find a mirror site here. x the command line does not Here are the instructions to decompile android apk to java source code. Aug 01, 2015 � JD-GUI - Java Decompiler; dex2jar - Converts Android dex files to� cmd cannot recognize dex2jar- Android Apk. Next article. disable checkbox after checked, android. Tags. ajax android angular api button c++ class database date

Decompile node js exe, The core feature of Dex2Jar is to convert the classes.dex file of an APK to We can find Dex2Jar tool pre-installed on Kali-Linux under reverse engineering tools , to an APK file, but currently, it does not have support for XML resources which Now, open the command prompt in the directory where we have smali.jar file� Get Original Source Code From .Apk Required 1- apktool 2- dex2jar 3- jd-gui-windows 4- Java 1.7 5- Framework-res.apk Also Need 6- (No Name).apk Java Is Not Recognized As An Internal Or External

I had the same problem and I have solved it, the file which you download from the GitHub isn't actually compiled so you would have to compile it first, rather than compiling, download this zip file from and do the exact same process told(in the answer you are referring in your question) and you will get a jar file as your output. This file has already compiled all the resources for you so you wouldn't have to do this work manually!

Android Penetration Tools Walkthrough Series Dex2Jar, JD-GUI , 我的IT知识库-cmd+cannot+recognize+dex2jar+Android+Apk搜索结果. 从apk 文件中获取源代码i try to dex file to jar and i used dex jar but cmd ca. Open up a Command Prompt. Type in the d2j-dex2jar.batcommand (assuming it is in the system path, otherwise you need to type in the whole command path) to convert an apk file e.g. androidgames.apk. C:\> d2j-dex2jar.bat androidgames.apk. The apk file is converted to a jar file androidgames-dex2jar.jar.

cmd+cannot+recognize+dex2jar+Android+Apk, Apk Required 1- apktool 2- dex2jar 3- jd-gui-windows 4- Java 1.7 5- Your browser Duration: 14:46 Posted: Dec 1, 2015 Android application package (APK) is the package file format used to distribute and install application software onto Google's Android operating system. There are a lot of reasons why you would like to decompile an APK, to learn how an application works, to increase the security and complexity of your code, to steal source code from

Original Source Code Apk (Java Is Not Recognized As An Internal , 2) D2J (Dex2Jar – Download Link) – Generates Jar file for corresponding Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. ApkTool & D2J are command line & JDGui provides GUI to complete� dex-tools tools to work with .class files. here are examples: Modify a apk, DeObfuscate a jar d2j-smali [To be published] disassemble dex to smali files and assemble dex from smali files. different implementation to smali/baksmali, same syntax, but we support escape in type desc “Lcom/dex2jar\t\u1234;”

2. Reverse Engineering Android .apk using ( ApkTool - D2J, Do you know that anyone can steal the code of your android app in under 2 minutes using tools that are freely Download dex2jar tool from dex2jar. Open CMD window and execute following commands to get .jar file from .apk file. apk file You basically can't protect your application from being modified. 18 cmd cannot recognize dex2jar- Android Apk; 0 Physical Device does not show up in Android Device Chooser Dec 15 '14. 0 Motorola Moto G2:

  • It can't be deprecated, it was never part of the Windows OS. Are you running this from the same directory that dex2jar.bat is located? You can also access it via the absolute path, if you need to work in another directory.
  • i run dex2jar.bat classes.dex now at true directory, but the same error "dex2jar.bat is not recognized as an internal or external command..."
  • Thanks..!!! My Laptop Was Stolen, and I Lost The source of my first app. seeing all those answer i was loosing my hope to get My source back. And now I have My sources.
  • Can you be more elaborate, cause it is working perfectly for me
  • Very easy explanation. I am able to fetch the source code now.+1
  • Thanks @PriyankaMinhas glad it helped you
  • I have tried the one said by you. But it is not working.
  • Do u downloaded the correct dex2jar files? Try from here
  • You can download dex2jar- here
  • Can you please explain this little more ? I am also facing the same issue,,,