Why doesn't this code work? FizzBuzz JAVA

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I cant get "FizzBuzz". No matter what the input, the "FizzBuzz" code isn't running. What did I do wrong?

public String[] fizzBuzz(int start, int end) {

int diff = end-start;
String[] array = new String[diff];

for (int i = 0; i < diff; i++) {
    if (start%3 == 0 && start%5 == 0) array[i] = "FizzBuzz";
    if (start%3 == 0 || start%5 == 0) {
        if (start%3 == 0) array[i] = "Fizz";
        if (start%5 == 0) array[i] = "Buzz";
    else {
        array[i] = String.valueOf(start);

    return array;

Logic in your if statements is a bit busted, using your code as the starting point, you'd have to do something like this.

if (start%3 == 0 && start%5 == 0) {
    array[i] = "FizzBuzz";
else if (start%3 == 0 || start%5 == 0) {
    if (start%3 == 0) array[i] = "Fizz";
    if (start%5 == 0) array[i] = "Buzz";
else {
    array[i] = String.valueOf(start);

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String s = "" + i;
if ((i % 3) == 0) {
    s += " Fizz";
if ((i % 5) == 0) {
    s+= " Buzz";

This code snippet placed in a loop will print Fizz, Buzz and Fizz Buzz on i divisible by 3, 5 and 15 respectively.

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you should try this.

    class FizzBuzz{
    public static void main(String args[]){
        int n = 100;
        for(int i=0;i<=n;i++){

            if((i % 3) == 0 && (i % 5) != 0){
            else if((i % 5) == 0 && (i % 3) != 0){
            }else if((i % 3) == 0 && (i % 5) == 0){


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  • Your second if should be an else if (because when both are true, either is also true).
  • Nice code, but I can't figure the detail why it doesn't fail. Can you edit the answer and add a description?
  • Sorry, my friend i didn't get your point. does you ask me to explain the code. OR In which term i should have to add description.