Insert characters at end of filename (before extension)?

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I have image files that I want to append a string to the name of the file, right before the extension.

Example: example.png would turn in to example-2x.png

So, I want to insert -2x right before the extension, would could be just about any image type (png, jpg, gif, etc).

If there's an easy way to do this with Ruby, great.

adding text to filename before extension, I would like to add text to the end of filename but before the extension. the question, and Doug's answer are only differ by a few characters, and Doug's answer� (.*): pick every other thing till the file extension. $2 $1.txt: return the captured groups with the returned group for numbers placed close to the file extension jpg and add a space before the numbers.-n: run without changing filename so we see what files are changed and what the names are changed to, remove this to rename the files.

This seems to work

img[/(\.\w+)/] = "-2x#{$1}"

img1 = 'foo.png'
img1[/(\.\w+)/] = "-2x#{$1}"
img1 #=> "foo-2x.png"

img2 = ''
img2[/(\.\w+)/] = "-2x#{$1}"
img2 #=> "foo-2x.png.jpg"

Add text to end of the filename but before extension, the mv command instead of printf (which will just print the string to the terminal). It is often safe to just insert echo in front of the mv to see what would have been For example to add the text "_p192" before the file extension you can try:� The command depends on a static number of characters in the name string. If you have a variable number of beginning characters to remove then this command will probably not be your best bet. Here is what is important. The number in .substring(8) is the number of characters I want to remove from the front of the filename.

Add text to end of filename (but before extension) using batch file , for longer filenames you will have to add some more ? in the block with the mass of ????????? ren *. In other words, it just has to simply chop off the last 4 characters, and do nothing else, but copy all the characters of the Windows 10 filename before the".jpg" into the comment tag. I know there are config files, etc, but I just want to use it here where the extension is known to always be ".jpg" eg. Filename is:This is a test.jpg

def insert_before_last_dot(str, part)
  idx = str.rindex('.')
  return str if (idx.nil? || idx==0)
  str.clone.tap { |x| x[idx] = part.to_s + '.' }

insert_before_last_dot('foo.jpg', '-2px') # => "foo-2px.jpg"
insert_before_last_dot('', '-2px') # => ""
insert_before_last_dot('foo') # => "foo"

Inserting a File Name without an Extension (Microsoft Word), An easy way to insert the file name without the extension is to use a different field. Name) - 4) End Sub strips the last four characters (the period and file extension) from the name. Got a version of Word that uses the menu interface ( Word 97, Word 2000, Word 2002, or Word 2003)? This site is for you! For about 200 files in a directory I would like to add the String 1_ to the beginning of all filenames. The filenames are, for example, DATASET_X_Y_Z and the result should be 1_DATASET_X_Y_Z . I don't know a thing about Shell scripting, but maybe there is a one liner for the terminal.

Here's what I ended up doing that seems to work pretty well across pretty much any file type.

image = 'example.png'
ext = File.extname(image)
image_2x = image.gsub(ext, "-2x"+ext)

Filename, A filename or file name is a name used to uniquely identify a computer file stored in a file Sometimes, it is a reference that excludes an extension, so the filename would In 1985, RFC 959 officially defined a pathname to be the character string that Before Unicode became a de facto standard, file systems mostly used a� I have files named like ABAB09s099E1AAV1.pdf and ABAB09s099E2AAV1.pdf in a directory. I need to add _Lop in the end of the name, like ABAB09s099E1AAV1_Lop.pdf for all files. For files with E2 in the name I also have to replace 99 with 88 in the filename, that would be ABAB09s088E2AAV1_Lop.pdf I have solved the _Lop part in a bash script like this:

I updated the above to allow for filename extensions longer than 3 characters. This method only requires that a period be used to separate the extension, but periods can also be used in the filename. Arjunngu3

Is there a way that the script leaves the file extension but deletes the nine characters before it? Also note that the name of the movie will always be different lengths but the other info (that needs to be deleted) will always be the same length (in this case nine characters).

  • So how does your regex or attempt currently look? :)
  • This is a comment, not an answer.
  • insert_before_dot('', '-2px') # => ""?
  • That could become buggy: something based on that with a hidden file with no extension as input would return garbage as output.
  • Does ruby not have exception handling? I mean if you are really worried about that, you can just get if the lastIndexOf() returns a -1.