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I am currently working on an app using react native that requires location services to be on for some of its features. I have been researching if there is a simple way to test if the user has them turned on or not so I can display a different view if they aren't. I have not found any results other than ones that are specific to IOS or Android. Has anyone else found a solution to this?

Use the "react native android location services dialog box" module for android


npm install react-native-android-location-services-dialog-box --save


import LocationServicesDialogBox from "react-native-android-location-services-dialog-box";

  message: "Use Location ?",
  ok: "YES",
  cancel: "NO"
}).then(function(success) {
  console.log(success); // success => "enabled"
).catch((error) => {
  console.log(error.message); // error.message => "disabled"

Geolocation � React Native, On Android, this uses the android.location API. In order to use it with React Native, use the react-native-geolocation-service module. Geolocation is enabled by default when you create a project with react-native init . check for, and request the ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission using the PermissionsAndroid API. This API is not recommended by Google because it is less accurate and slower than the recommended Google Location Services API. In order to use it with React Native, use the react-native-geolocation-service module. Configuration and Permissions

Do a watchPosition or getCurrentPosition, Your second argument is a callback in case of failure, and its argument is the reason it failed.

So, from there you know when and why it fails. You'll need an if for the reason if you only want to act on 'location disabled' and not 'request timed out' for example.

You can use the callback to add a flag to your state for example.

React Native module to check Bluetooth and Location status on , A nice collection of often useful examples done in React Native. Interactively check Location Services and Bluetooth status if Location Services are enabled const locationServicesAvailable = await ConnectivityManager. In iOS, geolocation is enabled by default when a project is created using the react-native-cli. To use it, we just need to include a key in info.plist, which is inside the ios/geoWeatherApp directory. That field is already there if you check the file.

I was able to solve this by displaying an error message when the location could not be retrieved.

(error) => {
        this.setState({servicesOn: false}),

Checking if location services are enabled using react native, I am currently working on an app using react native that requires location services to be on for some of its features. I have been researching if there is a simple� React Native also exposes JavaScript interfaces for platform APIs, so your React Native apps can access platform features like the phone camera, or the user’s location. React Native currently supports both iOS and Android and has the potential to expand to future platforms as well. In this blog, we’ll cover both iOS and Android.

You can also try out these 2 libraries:

What I have is the following: I get this error code 1 or error message: 'No location provider available.' when my phone location service is turned off.

Other time, when it times out, I get this error code 3 or error message: 'Location request timed out.'.

Thus, based on the error code and message, I display different toasts to inform the user.

You can refer to this position error doc on MDN

GPS Detection � Issue #466 � react-native-community/react-native , Is their a way to always detected the app if GPS location was enable or disable ? out how to do it on android, but not on ios. Check this package react-native- android-location-services-dialog-box Sign in to comment. Assignees. No one� Recommend:Android: Check if Location Services Enabled using Fused Location Provider. Play Services, provides a more powerful, high-level framework that automatically handles location providers, user movement, and location accuracy than the platform location API in android.location. But using the fused location provider (fr

Location: "Location provider is unavailable. Make sure that location , Make sure that location services are enabled." #5504 react-native: https:// => 0.59.8 React-native-connectivity-status. A React Native module to check Bluetooth and Location status on Android and iOS. Getting started. Add react-native-connectivity-status module to your project $ yarn add react-native-connectivity-status. And link it $ react-native link react-native-connectivity-status. Usage Check Status. Interactively check

react-native check and prompt user to enable Network/GPS, I am looking around on how to check if network or GPS are enabled on a device when my application starts. And if they are disabled prompt the user to enable it. React native maps is a react native package that provides Google Maps API for React Native. Using static google maps is very common but today we are going to use one of the widely used features of

Package, A react-native component for turn on the dialog box from android location services h2>This app wants to change your device settings:<br/><br/>Use GPS , Wi-Fi, status: "enabled"} }); } async checkIsLocation():Promise { let check = await� @vishalTechnoFreek, also exists react-native-cross-geolocation. It is fully compatible with the current RN geolocation, but using the new Google API. With this API you don't worry which mode to use, the service automatically detects the best option.

  • when you call navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition is it not returning an error?
  • It can return an error. But is that the most valid way to check it? That could mean bad service or a number of things. Is there a way to check the setting itself?
  • what about IOS?
  • I have used first library :). It's working fine but it will be better if we dont use any library.
  • does it checks the status continuously for the device? @Jun711