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I'd like to automate the gathering of unsubscribe and cleaned email accounts for a given campaign.

In the API playground, I see all the methods available on the List entity.


I see that it's in the LIST API GET reports/xxxxxx/unsubscribed


Where can I find the cleaned/bounced emails from a list or campaign? I know I can see the count of bounced in various places, but I'd like to find the email addresses that actually bounced, and the first and last names of the list member. Basically I'd like the API same as the 'export cleaned to csv' available on the website.

How can I use the MailChimp 3.0 API to do this?

You can do

GET lists/list_id/members?status=unsubscribed

to get unsubscribed users

GET lists/list_id/members?status=cleaned

to get cleaned/bounced users

About Bounces, If a bounced address has recently engaged with your email campaigns, we won't remove it from your audience right away. About List Cleaning Services. Yes. After you send an email campaign with Mailchimp, we track its delivery and clean bounced addresses from your audience. Email campaigns won't be sent to those addresses anymore, but you'll still be able to access them if you need to. Sometimes hard bounces happen to valid email addresses. If a bounced address has recently engaged with your email campaigns, we won't remove it from your audience right away.

For the bounced emails in a specific campaign you need to do this:

GET /3.0/reports/campaign_id/email-activity

and iterate though all recipients in the campaign, manually locating actions with type=bounce.

        "email_address": "",
        "activity": [
                "action": "bounce",
                "type": "hard",
                "timestamp": "2019-04-08T00:00:00+00:00"

Unfortunately MailChimp has very bad performance on this endpoint, approximately 25 seconds to return activity for a campaign with 500 recipients.

View Bounce Reasons, Learn how to read these messages and find out why your email bounced. We also factor subscriber engagement activity into our bounce cleaning decisions. and it's not possible to export a full list of all the bounce reasons for a campaign. For Mailchimp list cleaning, there’s an Excel formula to help you identify and remove duplicates. It also works for bounces. For security reasons (and because you’re spending money unnecessarily), you should also remove spam email addresses. You can usually spot these because of a strange letter or number combination.

Since soft bounce will not change status inside the list(audience), to get soft bounce email from the list without specific campaign, you can use

GET lists/{list-id}/members/{subscriber_hash}/activity

This endpoint will only return for single email(contact), so you need to iterate through all email(contact) in the list.

Sample response:

"activity": [
            "action": "bounce",
            "timestamp": "2019-05-01T23:02:26+00:00",
            "type": "soft",
            "campaign_id": "xxxxxxxxxx",
            "title": "Xxxx Xxxxxxx"
            "action": "sent",
            "timestamp": "2019-05-01T23:00:00+00:00",
            "type": "regular",
            "campaign_id": "xxxxxxxxxx",
            "title": "Xxxx Xxxxxxx"

View Unsubscribed Contacts, To find out why a contact unsubscribed from your email marketing, enable the You can review the results in campaign reports and individual contact profiles. Hard bounces, as well as repeated soft bounces, become cleaned addresses. Mailchimp cannot be used to clean lists, and how to improve audience health. I'm attempting to write a Mailchimp API call that will detect all bounces (both hard and soft) from e-mails sent via an Automation. It seems that it's fairly easy to do this for e-mails sent via a

Finding cleaned/bounced email addresses for a MailChimp , You can do. GET lists/list_id/members?status=unsubscribed. to get unsubscribed users. GET lists/list_id/members?status=cleaned. i imported a list through Google Sheets, but somethings went terribly wrong there, as it merged the first column as number to the list of emails. Result high rate hard bounce. Now i have almost 800 email address as cleaned and i can’t import anymore. Now i’d like to import the correct 800 emails addresses. Any ideas please? Thanks

Email Scrubbing: Why and How to Clean Your Email List (Step by , If you're using Mailchimp, you'll find this by clicking the View Report button If you remove bounced email addresses when you clean your email list, the Log in to your OptinMonster dashboard and create a new campaign. Your Mailchimp audience is designed to help you collect and manage all of your contacts in one place, whether they're subscribed, unsubscribed, non-subscribed, or cleaned. Unsubscribed contacts are people who were opted in to receive your email campaigns, but aren't currently.

What Does Cleaned Mean in Mailchimp?, After awhile, you've noticed that your email list is growing, but it's separated into for you to send them email marketing campaigns currently and in the future. If it's a hard bounce, Mailchimp will move these email addresses to the There are even many step-by-step tutorials that you can find online. Bounce reasons must be viewed individually for each bounce on a campaign, and it's not possible to export a full list of all the bounce reasons for a campaign. It's important that you check your bounces right away to ensure no valid emails bounced, that there were no syntax errors, and that you've manually cleaned your internal database if you need to. To view the bounce reasons for a campaign follow these steps. Navigate to the Reports page. Click View report. Click the link for the number

  • This endpoint has bad performance, It will take approximately 10 seconds per 10.000 members in a list