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I have View where I have list of emails

I need to delete all data from table by button click.

I mean, can I do this on back-end by linq query for example

How I can do this?

I know that this is to broad question, so don't minusing it

If what you want to achieve is to clear the contents of the DataGrid just use these methods, and either link them to a button as below.


But in all fairness you should at least add something for others to look at and not 'Write your Code' for you. Always do some research prior to asking questions, as this is the only way you will effectively learn. Hope this helps .

DataTable.Clear Method (System.Data), The following example clears the table of all data. C# Copy. private void ClearTable(DataTable table) { try { table.Clear(); } catch (DataException e) { // Process� Clicking on Delete button calls DeleteConfirmed action method. Notice the attribute ActionName that instruct the ASP.NET MVC framework that despite the name of the method is DeleteConfirmed, it’s name should be treated as Delete. This is because we can’t keep the same name of the action method with same parameter in C#.

clear(), clear(). Since: DataTables 1.10. Clear the table of all data. Description. This method simply removes all rows from the DataTables, resulting in a data length set� How To Delete Multiple Rows Using Checkbox In MVC 5. Step 1. Open SQL Server 2014 and create a database table and insert some record in it. Step 2. Open Visual Studio 2015, click on New Project, and create an empty web application project. Screenshot for creating new project 1. After Step 3. Add

var _data = db.tablename.Where(x => codition ).ToList();
_data.ForEach(x =>
    db.Entry(x).State = System.Data.Entity.EntityState.Deleted;

How To Delete Multiple Rows Using Checkbox In MVC 5, I will jquery datatable for searching, sorting and paging. How To Delete Multiple Rows Using Checkbox In MVC 5 NET Entity Data Model, give it the name DBModels (this name is not mandatory you can Screenshot for adding entity framework 3. ASP.NET. After clicking on Next a window will appear. First of all delete the data from backend using normal ajax async call. Delete from frontend datatable Get the row TR which you want to delete and use the datatable function fnDeleteRow to delete this row. This will automatically refresh the table so you will not need any fnDraw or other stuff.

How to delete records or data in datatable asp net c#, In order to retain the information that the dataset needs to send updates to the data source, use Duration: 9:11 Posted: Feb 26, 2015 Showing "Processing" in datatable when data is empty in mvc view. I am confusing that why it is showing "Processing". If there is empty data then it want to show "No data available in table"

Datatable Remove Rows Example | C# Online Compiler, public static void Main(). 8. {. 9. DataTable dt = getData();. 10. Console.WriteLine( "Printing all Rows of Table");. 11. foreach (DataRow orow in dt.Rows). 12. {. 13. DataTables Options snapshot. Ajax Option. And the main option is Ajax which we are going to use for calling an Action Method for getting data to bind DataTables Grid the data is in Json format. For that we are going to pass URL: -"/Demo/LoadData”, this request is Post request. And data type we are going to set as Json.

Select All and Delete using ASP.NET MVC and jQuery Ajax , Sometimes you need to select records for certain action using checkboxes. For example, you may select records for deleting and then delete� In this article, we are going to learn how to use a Client-side Grid (DataTables Grid) with ASP.NET Core MVC in a step-by-step manner. A few months back, while interviewing for my company, I asked most developers what kind of Grids they were using in their current project.

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  • you can use the Linq to sql query in c# to select all the records in a table and delete data of table.
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