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How to check the last char of a string and see its a blank space? If its a blank space remove it?

Specific for one space character:

if(MyString.EndsWith(" "))
    MyString = MyString.Substring(0, MyString.Length - 1);

or for any whitespace

MyString = MyString.TrimEnd();

Java - String charAt Example, The method returns a character, you can see its return type is char. You can see the output is letter A, the first character from the given String "Avengers". If you are confident that the last name comes LAST, use the INSTR function to work backwards from the end of the full name to the first blank. INSTR(char1, char2[, n][, m]) SUBSTR(char, n [, m]) The argument 'n' works the same as in the SUBSTR function, it is the starting position.

Use the Trim method of string class

String.LastIndexOf Method (System), The method returns -1 if the character or string is not found in this instance. if that string is found, or -1 if it is not found or if the current instance equals Empty. of the LastIndexOf method that find the last occurrence of a string within another string using Empty; // Determine where last backslash is. int position = filepath. You can use string.back() to get a reference to the last character in the string. The last character of the string is the first character in the reversed string, so string.rbegin() will give you an iterator to the last character.

string Original= "I am on Test ";

string Temp = Original.Substring( Original.Length - 1 );
Original = Original.Remove( Temp.Trim().Length > 0 ? 0 : Original.Length - 1);

Find last index of a character in a string, Amortized Analysis � What does 'Space Complexity' mean? Given a string str and a character x, find last index of x in str. Input : str = "geeks", x = 'e' Output : 2 Last index of 'e' in "geeks" is: 2 Returns last index of x if it is present. See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and� another code for check the last char of a string is a blank char: string text = "hello "; bool isBlank = text[text.Length -1].ToString().Trim().Length > 0 ? false : true;

Use special designed for it functions Trim, TrimStart, TrimEnd:

var trimmedString = "this is my string with space at the end ".TrimEnd();

trim - Manual, This function returns a string with whitespace stripped from the beginning and end of str . See Also � It is worth mentioning that trim, ltrim and rtrim are NOT multi-byte safe, meaning trim is the fastest way to remove first and last char. If you want to check whether something ONLY has whitespaces, use the following: 1. Traverse the given string character by character upto its length, check if character is a whitespace character. 2. If it is a whitespace character, increment the counter by 1, else traverse to the next character. 3. Print the value of the counter.

string someString = "i will have some blank space at the end    ";
someString = someString.Trim(); //blank space now removed

It's worth noting that this will also remove blank spaces at the start of a string also

Ruby Strings Cheat Sheet, Ruby Strings cheat sheet of all shortcuts and commands. Return a new string with last character removed from str # "string" => "strin". str.insert(index, str2). Insert str2 Modify str by removing leading and trailing whitespace. Comparison I Convert pattern to regexp and invoke its match method on str. str.partition(str2 ). Hello, I would like to select the last character of an address string. For example, in '165 John Ave W' -- select result 'W'. I tried to use RIGHT but it doesn't work. I'm using SQL Plus.

Get last 4 characters of String in Java, To get substring having last 4 chars first check the length of string. If string If string length is less than 4, we can return the complete string as it is. If data is in� Edit: I should add that depending on what you're doing with the space characters (or what you're going with everything else, depending) you might want to use an algorithm. Just for example, if you wanted to create a copy of your string with all the whitespace characters removed, you could use:

[PDF] Handling and Processing Strings in R, 2.2.1 Behavior of R objects with character strings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15. 2.3 Getting by giving it an index value outside its previous range. # another example As you can see, the default separator is a blank space (sep = " "). But you can select. sha_2008 wrote: abc.charAt(2) == "" When you are using charAt() method, it is returning a char.You need to compare it with another char. if(abc.charAt(2

Manipulating Strings, The following example shows how to replace all blank characters with underscores. Remove trailing whitespace and nulls from s . See also: strfind, strmatch, strcmp, strncmp, strcmpi, strncmpi, find. Return the position of the last occurrence of the character string t in the character string s , or 0 if no occurrence is found.

  • Do you only want to remove the last char if blank, or all trailing whitespace?
  • Note typo: should be .Substring, not SubString.
  • Just to be clear, this will remove ALL whitespace from the front and the end of the string, not just a single space from the end.
  • Updated to TrimEnd function :). Thanks.