How to fix 'Selecting rows without null or blank value in each column'?

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Im having trouble using this code here:

select *
from toadd
where pcode = '' or pcode is null or
      brand = '' or brand is null or
      description = '' or description is null;

I am trying to return values that doesn't have null or blank value within them columns above.

My problem is: I have coded the query to only return values that are only null or blank values see if it actually works and then Ill use a delete statement based on that query.

But it still returns columns with filled data, even tho I have said not to show any values that are filled in the query.

Not sure why its doing this?

All my columns types are set up as VARCHAR I have mix data with text and numbers.

Here is my table layout:

Table: outerb
id int(11) AI PK 
pcode varchar(255) 
brand varchar(255) 
description varchar(255) 
size varchar(255) 
barcode varchar(255)

This is what it looks like currently

enter image description here

this is my expected result:

enter image description here

If you want rows where all of the tested columns are not empty or not null

select * 
from toadd 
where !(pcode = '' or pcode is null) AND
      !(brand = '' or brand is null) AND
      !(description = '' or description is null);

If you want to exclude rows where one or more of the columns are empty or null

select * 
from toadd 
where !(pcode = '' or pcode is null) OR
      !(brand = '' or brand is null) OR
      !(description = '' or description is null);

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change outer or condition to and

     select * from toadd where (pcode = '' or pcode is null) and
     ( brand = '' or brand is null) and
      (description = '' or description is null)

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You can get the desired result using the following SQL query

SELECT * FROM `outerb ` 
WHERE Length(`pcode `) > 0 
AND Length(`brand `) >0 
AND Length(`description `) > 0

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  • Add a constraint that refuses zero-length strings.
  • Based on your recent photo addition of expected output, you actually don't want any result that will return either three of those as ('' or NULL), correct?
  • Yeah thats correct, let me rewrite my question alittle bit. Thanks for that
  • Hi, this query returns me 0 values. I have attached some images in question and updated the question slightly for better understanding
  • quick question what does the ! do?
  • it's a negation, same as NOT.
  • This returns me no 0 rows. I have updated my question and added in my table structure