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I am using Materialize css with Vue. I have installed as an npm module and imported it in main.js

import Material from "materialize-css";
import "materialize-css/dist/css/materialize.min.css";
import "materialize-css/dist/js/materialize.min.js";

All the css is working fine, however, whene I try to use any javascript component like materialbox like this

const mb = document.querySelectorAll(".materialboxed");
M.MaterialBox.init(mb, {});

It gives an error that "M" is not defined. What should I do? I have added materialize-css as a dependency to the package.json.

Vue.use is for vue plugins. materialize-css is not a vue plugin. And you dont do stuff like document.querySelectorAll in vue. And when you use something like M -> you need to import it first. Please read vue documentation and understand how it work first.

You should use something like vue-material or vuetify for vue, or otherwise if you will try to hack materialize-css to work with vue you end up in not really maintainable code

M is not defined when using Materialize-css with Vue, I am using Materialize css with Vue. I have installed as an npm module and imported it in main.jsimport Material from "materialize-css";import� Error with @vue/cli-plugin-unit-mocha, doesn't recognize M from Materialize-css - Error.txt

I thought I would provide a different answer based my own experience. I like Materializecss and didn't want to use something else just because it is more tailored towards Vuejs. Materializecss seems to have a larger community and is also used by other people who use things like Reactjs, so I think it is somewhat rational to prefer it over a more niche library.

I use the following in main.js:

import 'materialize-css/dist/css/materialize.css'
import 'materialize-css'

Also, in public/index.html, I have the following for the icons:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/icon?family=Material+Icons" />

For me this seems to work perfectly fine including when I use M.Toast... etc. I think the difference is me using import 'materialize-css' where you have import Material from "materialize-css".

As a side-note however, I do get ESLint errors when building which says 'M' is not defined in spite of the code actually working. ESLint just does not know that it is there. To get rid of these, I used the following hacky approach of putting the lines below at the top of the modules where I use materialize:

// Get rid of those pesky eslint errors for Materialize-css
if (typeof M == "undefined") {var M = {}}

This has the nice effect of showing me where it is used in a similar vein as an import statement at the top, but I'm sure there are good reasons why this is actually bad advice.

Materialize with Vue js � Issue #4920 � Dogfalo/materialize � GitHub, Modal doesn't open if create new vue instance. indexOf is not a function) icons will be fixed? You can not use platform init events :( Why Materialize, a CSS( JS) Framework based on material design doesnt work with vue� I'm writing a client-side app that is using Webpack, and I cannot figure out how to require the materialize-css package. I'm using Henrik Joreteg's hjs-webpack package , and with this the yeticss npm package is included by doing an import in a sass file (e.g. @import 'yeticss' ), but this doesn't work for materialize.

Add following code in your component(say App.vue):

import M from 'materialize-css'

export default {
mounted () {

[Question] How to import/use Jquery or Materialize js into index.html , I'm trying to use Materialize script in project, It look webpack will generate file The above is not for materialize, but it's something else that I'm using myself. You' ll The main materialize css file is already included in .vue file Vue 2.0 and Materialize.css Components. Contribute to johnleider/vue-materials development by creating an account on GitHub.

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how to integration materialize js in vue and laravel, in App.vue component I have mounted(){ Materialize.toast('I am a toast!', 4000) }. and received. "Uncaught ReferenceError: Materialize is not defined". message. Hello everyone, I'm Victor and I am very new to materialize. I am trying to change the color of the tick in a checkbox from the default to my own color. I need help.

  • Got the same problem, would be interested in the answer.
  • @Badgy because materialize-css is not a vue plugin.. I have replied
  • Thank you this help me. But this way import Materialize only locale( for one page). And How to import Materialize Global. For all pages in project. Maybe in App.vue or main.js. I don't know. ???