Is there any way to do backspace twice to clear a text field using selenium webdriver through C#

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I have a text field that contains a 2 digit value by default. I want to clear it before I type a new value. I was using TextSlider.Clear(); but after the latest ChromeDriver update, it's no longer working so I am trying to workaround it using backspace. Currently I am doing two backspaces, one at a time.


I also tried DELETE but that's also not working. Is there any way to do this in a single line?

TextSlider.SendKeys(Keys.Backspace + Keys.Backspace);

Selenium Webdriver sendKeys method sending value twice , Make sure that before sending the text,filed is clearing properly. add assert And this one above will press backspace for each key written in the textbox. It's written in groovy but you can adapt it easyly to any language I guess. the test case's itself since knowing how your method used would be useful for� Windows PCs have two distinct keys for deleting text in different directions – delete and backspace. But on some Macs, there’s no sign of anything called “delete”.

First try to fix like how TextSlider.Clear(); is not working. There might me loading issue, SendKeys method will work. Try to add wait for page to load properly.

If still not working then you can use,


But below functionality will definatly work,

TextSlider.SendKeys(Keys.Backspace + Keys.Backspace);

how to delete default values in text field using selenium?, How to clear textbox value in selenium webdriver java Not From DOM 0 Is there any way to do backspace twice to clear a text field using selenium webdriver� First once clear the input text fields and send the input values. Create a reference object for better use: webElement objPh=driver.findElement("phone")); webElement objSSN=driver.findElement("ssn")); objPh.clear(); //To clear the phone text field objPh.sendkeys("(222)222-2222"); // To send the input values in phone text field objSSN.clear(); //To clear the phone ssn text field

How to press tab key using selenium, Open an existent link a a new tab using Selenium WebDriver with Initial Code Dec 24, 2012 � Simulate key press by user with SendKeys and C# / . For example, in some selenium tests, there is a need to use keyboard or mouse to Press 'SHIFT' and then enter values in the input box to simulate typing in upper- case. press either backspace or delete key. 5 Deleting a column of text Hold down Alt, click and hold the mouse button, and drag over the column you want to delete and finally press either backspace or delete key. 6 Deleting a line Bring your mouse in selection bar area and click in front of the line you want to delete and finally press either

Another option is to clear the text element by using Javascript. Due to issues occurring in certain parallel testing situations, I stopped relying on the SendKeys function some time ago. Instead, I use these functions now to set a certain text:

    private void SetText(IWebElement element, string text, bool clearOldText)
        // Clear old text if needed
        if (clearOldText)
            LogInfo("Clearing " + element.ToString() + @" from any text.");
            SetElementValue(element, "");

        SetElementValue(element, text);

    public string SetElementValue(IWebElement element, string value)
        PaintElement(element, "yellow");
        var exec = (IJavaScriptExecutor)this;
        var script = @"
            var el = arguments[0];
            el.value = '" + value + @"';
                if (""createEvent"" in document) {
                    var evt = document.createEvent(""HTMLEvents"");
                            evt.initEvent(""change"", false, true);
            catch(err){ return err; }
            return ""Javascript executed."";
        LogInfo("Setting value to '" + value + "' for " + element.ToString());
        var result = exec.ExecuteScript(script, element);
        return result.ToString();

Personally I dislike the hardcoded javascript a bit, but it always did the job reliably. "SetElementValue" is called twice in this code to ensure correct handling of certain events in my tests: it might not be necessary in other cases.

How to clear a text field in java, If this textarea already has text in it, how can I tell selenium to clear the field? To clear input fields value, I use sikuli and java Robot class. Java provides us an easy way to draw text and graphics using GUI. was a way to clear a textbox/ textfield using C# Webdriver (selenium-dotnet-2. or the backspace/delete key. The latest is that while composing an email in outlook which I have set up to use Word as my editor, if I highlight an area of text and hit the backspace button the cursor jumps to the front of the selected text, rather than erasing the highlighted text which it has done since I installed it. I would like to go back to the way we were

Thank you all,

i have managed to workaround using ctrl A and Delete

     TextSlider.SendKeys(Keys.Control + "a");

How to use Keyboard Events in Selenium Actions Class, There are various ways in Selenium to emulate Keyboard Events: method in WebDriver API mail because of the following reasons : Build an action sequence and perform the actions sequence. in keyDown() to type text in Uppercase can be reset using keyUp(). Selenium Tutorial in C# CSharp� Original Title: cant use backspace or repeated letters. Whether typing an email or using Word, I can't use the backspace more than once to delete a letter. I also can't type two of the same letters consecutively without highlighting with the mouse to delete and retyping the letter.

ChromeDriver does not clear text input fields or handle Keys , Originally reported on Google Code with ID 630 What steps will reproduce the When you use sendKeys and try to send some plain text it works fine, such as " hello world". BACKSPACE, etc element.clear() also doesn't seem to have any effect. It should work in ChromeDriver (using Eclipse): private WebDriver driver; � One you extract it (you'll need two string.Substrings if the cursor is in the middle of the text, so you will then have to concatenate the strings), you will then assign the result back to richTextBox1.Text.

Bristle Software JavaScript Tips, Create an Ajax Object; Register Ajax Callbacks; Get XML via Ajax; Synchronous Ajax The simplest way to prompt the user in JavaScript is to pop up a message and used to delete chars in an * enabled text box or if it is not a Backspace at all. Selenium and WebDriver - - $12/month (Mild) � On some systems, you may experience problems using the backspace or delete keys. This tip discusses the causes and solutions. Generally, these problems arise on Unix-based systems because of the wide variety of hardware and software involved. Backspace works in Insert mode (e.g. not inserting a^?), but won't delete over line breaks, or automatically-inserted indentation, or the place where

How does Selenium PageFactory.InitElements Work - c# - csharp, I am using Selenium Page factory and I want to make certain extensions to it, but far from c# and selenium) it expects all the elements mentioned in an element map Im trying to clear the Existing value of a field[TextBox]by the folowing ways , Backspace Selenium method - Clear() everytime: used to get the same error� The new Explorer bar loads a webpage that contains a text box. You click the View menu, and then you click the Explorer Bar menu to load the Explorer Bar in Internet Explorer 9. You type in the text box, and then you press the Backspace, Delete, or Tab key. In this scenario, the key does not work. Notes