Xcode 10.2 Update issue Build system error -1: Unable to load contents of file list: input/output xcfilelist

After upgrading to Xcode 10.2 I am getting 2 errors

:-1: Unable to load contents of file list: 'xxxxx/Pods/Target Support Files/Pods-xxxx/Pods-xxxxx-frameworks-Debug-input-files.xcfilelist' (in target 'xxxxx')

:-1: Unable to load contents of file list: 'xxxxx/Pods/Target Support Files/Pods-xxxxx/Pods-xxxxx-frameworks-Debug-output-files.xcfilelist' (in target 'xxxxx')

I updated all my pod and changed build system to "Legacy Build System" but still getting the same build error

I struggled with this for several hours today and this is what finally worked for me:

  1. sudo gem update cocoapods --pre
  2. pod update
  3. clean
  4. build

From what I've read, this is an issue with the new build process that is enabled by default in Xcode 10.2 though I've not found the workaround clearly documented anywhere yet. There may be a more elegant solution than what I described.

  1. delete 'Pods/', 'Podfile.lock', 'yourappname.xcworkspace'
  2. pod deintegrate
  3. pod install

it's work for me

I have encountered this problem every time, using the above method to solve, I do not know why, how to completely solve

This solved my problem:

Open **Terminal**
1) run -> pod deintegrate
2) run -> pod install

In **Xcode**
3) Click Product Menu
4) Keep Pressing Option Button
5) Click Clean Build Folder
6) Run

You can just edit your xxxx.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj file and delete the offending lines xxxinput-files.xcfilelist and xxxoutput-files.xcfilelist from the inputFileListPaths() outputFileListPaths() so they're empty again and then save it and rebuild

  • This is absolutely critical to me also. Any updates
  • If this is an old project try to change build system to Legacy from file->Workspace Settings.
  • Cocoapods 1.7 has been changed to Xcode new build system
  • I have this issue, and that solution worked for my local machine, however, this is still happening on the CI build system, any ideas?
  • Tried all above things but only solution worked was this. Thanks @symbool
  • Only this solution worked for me. Delete workspace - it's a necessary step.
  • helped, it's the actual solution
  • Tried this on Xcode 11.4, Xcode spits "error: The sandbox is not in sync with the Podfile.lock. Run 'pod install' or update your CocoaPods installation." Running 'pod install' would just put the two file lists back in place.
  • I had to open the file with an external editor an search for it as on XCode it doesn't appear. Maybe the problem is that I'm using XCode 10 and 11 for different projects and maybe I opened the conflicting one with the wrong version.
  • Welcome to Stack Overflow. You've left three answers in this same form. It would be good to make clear how you are sure that "your case" is the same as the case presented in the question and to explain how these steps do what they do and why that solves the problem that was presented.
  • actual problem is accessing "frameworks-Debug-output-files.xcfilelist" file. all 3 problems indicate that they cannot access that file, that is why i have given the save answer.
  • My XCode version is 11.4.1 had the same issue, if my guess is correct a pod libraries are either missing or not matching the ones cloned from github and the above process is required to install and update the correct libraries and references. Hope this helps.