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I developed a repo on computer A and created a go.mod/go.sum that I checked in.

I pull that repo with the go.mod/go.sum files on computer B, but when I try to build the program, the module constraints can't be satisfied.

$ go build
go: finding github.ibm.com/kms/key-protect-client v0.1.5
go: finding golang.org/x/tools v0.0.0-20180221164845-07fd8470d635
go: github.ibm.com/kms/key-protect-client@v0.1.5: unknown revision v0.1.5
go: error loading module requirements

The repo that is failing is a private repo, and for some reason it doesn't get downloaded to the module cache. On another computer, the dependencies are downloaded and the build succeeds. I am building another private repo in that same domain, so I know that my github credentials give me access to these repos. But for some reason, the go module system can't get to the dependent repo.

I cannot find more information how to debug this.

Possible solutions for golang unknown revision if you are using private repository:

  1. git config --global url."ssh://git@yourserver".insteadOf "https://yourserver"

  2. Check your git repository permissions

go - The Go Programming Language, What the go command does depends on whether we run it for a "normal" package or for the special "main" package. For packages. go build� Because building a single package, like with go build or go test, can easily tell when something is missing and needs to be added, but not when something can safely be removed. Removing a dependency can only be done after checking all packages in a module, and all possible build tag combinations for those packages.

In case getting

"Error": "unknown revision ..."


"Error": "invalid version ..."

Make sure that you did not specify hash of PR (pull request). Even a merged PR might be wrong.

Look for the commit hash in the github repo under /commits, but not under /pulls.

See more info here: golang/go#31191 explicitly filters out these kind of commits.

How To Build and Install Go Programs, Building packages. Building a Go package involves at least two steps, compiling the .go files then packing the results into an archive. In this� Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! Please be sure to answer the question.Provide details and share your research! But avoid …. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers.

Problem is related to cmd/go not being aware of git identities and assuming there is only one articulated in the .gitconfig file.

Work-around: have a set of git identities ready to replace global .gitconfig when you need to work with that git identity and are dealing with cmd/go tools that update the module file.

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In line with some comments above -- I had this problem because my git was fried due to updating to Mojave... the highly upvoted response here (xcode-select --install) got me past this error message Git is not working after macOS Mojave Update (xcrun: error: invalid active developer path (/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools)

if you are having this problem make sure your go status etc are working as expected.

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  • The error isn't that it can't find it, it is unknown revision v0.1.5 - meaning it did find it, but that git tag doesn't exist.
  • @adrian, the tag exists in the repo, as its existence made it to the go.mod file on computer A. Just can't get to use it on computer B, and I would like to understand why. That whole private domain (github.ibm.com) does not get created in the mod cache, which I think is the reason why the tag can't be found on computer B.
  • Not sure if it is possible with IBM's GitHub instance, but a potential solution can be found in the answer to this question on SO: stackoverflow.com/questions/53516358/… (using a GITHUB_TOKEN).
  • @retgits it indeed has something to do with access: it is not picking up the right protocol, and I haven't found guidance how to control it inside the go build tool. There are multiple git identities on computer B and my local git config specialized for that repo doesn't seem to control the protocol, so it is using https where it needs to use the token.
  • Can you clone github.ibm.com/kms/key-protect-client on computer B using git command line? If not, it sounds like it is more of a git problem than a go problem.
  • In case it fails, try forcing on SSH with this one: git config --global url."ssh://yourserver".insteadOf "yourserver"
  • This is an abstract solution - can you write the actual steps/commands for the workaround?
  • This post explains the process in more detail: thecodedself.com/Using-Multiple-Author-Identities-With-Git