How to fix 'Error: querySrv EREFUSED' when connecting to MongoDB Atlas?

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I am new to MongoDB 4.0.6 and tried to implement it into my website using Node/Express.js, but when I try to connect to mongodb+srv://${process.env.MONGOUSER}:${process.env.MONGOPASS} I'm getting this error:

{ Error: querySrv EREFUSED at QueryReqWrap.onresolve [as oncomplete] (dns.js:199:19) errno: 'EREFUSED', code: 'EREFUSED', syscall: 'querySrv', hostname: '' }

I've tried connecting to mongodb://localhost:27017/main, but this does seem work.

Here is the relevant code:

const mongoose = require('mongoose');

// Database
const uri = `mongodb+srv://${process.env.MONGOUSER}:${process.env.MONGOPASS}`;
const localURI = 'mongodb://localhost:27017/main';

var Project = require('./models/project');

mongoose.connect(uri, { useNewUrlParser: true });
const db = mongoose.connection;

db.once('open', () => console.log('Successfully connected to MongoDB'));
db.on('error', (e) => console.log(e));

// Routes
app.get('/', (req, res) => {
  Project.find({}, (e, projects) => {
    if (e) console.log(e);

    res.render('home.ejs', {
      projects: projects

So does anyone know how to fix this error and maybe explain what is happening here?

If you're encountering this error try to use the older connection string for Node.js 2.2.12 or later:


According to MongoDB, SRV is possibly not working due to Mongoose.

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I had this same error when I was connecting with Node version 3.0 or later and I resolved it by downgrading to 2.2.12 or later version:

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  { useNewUrlParser: true, useUnifiedTopology: true },
  .catch(err => {
  .then(async client => {
    await MoviesDAO.injectDB(client)
    await UsersDAO.injectDB(client)
    await CommentsDAO.injectDB(client)
    app.listen(port, () => {
      console.log(`listening on port ${port}`)

Maybe can works with MongoClient( not Mongoose )

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In our case antivirus/firewall is blocking,

Try to disable antivirus/firewall and check again. hope it will work.

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Pass option { useNewUrlParser: true, useUnifiedTopology: true } to the MongoClient constructor

const uri = "mongodb+srv://${process.env.MONGOUSER}:${process.env.MONGOPASS}"

mongoose.connect(uri, { useNewUrlParser: true, useUnifiedTopology: true })
    .catch(error => console.log(error));

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  • Hey Alex, have you whitelisted your IP with MongoAtlas?
  • Yes, I have whitelisted every IP using @VtoCorleone
  • Thanks for the answer, it worked for me as well. But I would love to know why isn't it working with 3.0?
  • When I asked the MongoDB staff, they said it might be because of Mongoose, but I don't know the specific answer.
  • This works although the "mongodb" package i am using from npm is at ^v3.5.7 which should be considered for "3.0 or later" connections. But the "3.0 or later" one works for my AWS EC2 instance just fine but not locally. local node -v -> 13.0.x AWS node -v -> 10.20.1
  • My god. I had to disable Win10 firewall for atlas connection to work...
  • haha... interesting. I'd scrub that from your stack post just so people can't try and guess a password for your credentials. Can you try connecting to the instance through the CLI? Just to test that your credentials and URL is correct?
  • Sorry for the late response. It does connect using the CLI, so I guess it must be something in my code.