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How does one go about remoting into a node in a SF cluster? Since these are just VMs it feels like I should be able to RDP into them, even if that is something I would normally like to avoid.

How would I go about remoting in?

Adding a few Service Fabric-specific details to Vaclav's answer:

The standard Service Fabric template defines a NAT that maps ports 3389 through 4500 to each VM's RDP port. To access the first VM in the scale set, use port 3389, the second VM, port 3390, etc. The host name is derived from the cluster's name, e.g. (same address as SF Explorer).

So, for example, to access the third VM, use the following command:

mstsc /

Remote connect to an Azure Service Fabric cluster node, Remote connect to a virtual machine scale set instance or a cluster node. Get the inbound NAT rules for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). To confirm the inbound port to target port mapping for a node, you can click its rule and look at the Target port value. Remotely connect to the specific node (scale set instance). By default, for Windows clusters, the target port is port 3389, which maps to the RDP service on the target node. For Linux clusters, the target port is port 22, which maps to the Secure Shell (SSH) service. Remotely connect to the specific node (scale set instance).

Every Node type that is defined in a cluster is set up as a separate VM Scale Set. That means the node types can be scaled up or down independently and can be made of different VM SKUs. Unlike single instance VMs, the VM Scale Set instances do not get a virtual IP address of their own, you will need to go through the load balancer in order to see the RDP port to use to connect to each Node.

The VM instance names will also be prefixed by the Node Type name (ex: Primary_0, Secondary_1), this will help identify which node you are connecting to. The RDP ports are allocated in ascending order of the VM Scale Set instance, usually starting at 3389.

Azure Service Fabric specific article, with clarifications for Node Types:

How to remote desktop to a service fabric node - MSDN, Yup, see my answer on Stack Overflow: 37601834/remote-into-sf-nodes-via-rdp. Proposed as answer by� Remote desktop (RDP) into the VM/machine that you want to add to the cluster. Copy or download the standalone package for Service Fabric for Windows Server to the VM/machine and unzip the package. Run PowerShell with elevated privileges and go to the location of the unzipped package.

Same way you would RDP into any other machine. There's nothing special about the nodes in an SF cluster..

..unless you make them special! And we sort of did in Azure where your cluster is hosted on VM Scale Sets. This article on VMSS explains how that works and how you RDP into them.

Remote into SF nodes via RDP - azure-service-fabric, How does one go about remoting into a node in a SF cluster? Since these are just VMs it feels like I should be able to RDP into them, even if that is something I � If Remote Desktop is not used for system administration, remove all administrative access via RDP, and only allow user accounts requiring RDP service. For Departments that manage many machines remotely remove the local Administrator account from RDP access at and add a technical group instead.

Remote desktop to a Service Fabric Node – IT Bytes, Another in my series of, "oh how do you do that again?" Grab your Service Fabric (SF) address; e.g.� Also, when this deferred object is resolved, the RDP process will be force-killed by the node-rdp module. The following example implements a simple system that will force-close the connection after a minute.

Accessing Azure Service Fabric Virtual Machines � James Sturtevant, Full Azure Portal support for VM Scale Sets is still in the works. for your Virtual Machines and log in via Remote Desktop in the mean time. Type mstsc /v:< your-sf-cluster-name><your port� Connecting With the New Port. When the port is changed, connecting to the remote computer via Remote Desktop is a tad different. By default, the port 3389 is used and therefore no extra text is

RDP connection to VMSS instances refused for service-fabric , service-fabric-secure-cluster-5-node-1-nodetype Hello and thank you for GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and With Microsoft Remote Desktop for mac OS I cannot connect either: image. How can I RDP-connect to an instance of the VMSS of an SF cluster please? Solution: Once RDS is up and running your users just RDP into the Server and login. That's all.Unless you want to use RemoteApp, which involves a few more Hello Community!I have my accounting department that needs to access one machine, a Windows 10 Pro Machine.

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