How to display a pop up after 10 seconds of inactivity

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I want to display a price alarm pop up after 10 seconds of inactivity of user. Right now the pop up appears only on click. I want to replace it.

I tried my best but couldn't get it done.

$(document).ready(function () {
  var idleInterval = setInterval(inActiveTimer, 1000);
  $(this).mousemove(function (e) {
    idleTime = 0;
  $(this).keypress(function (e) {
    idleTime = 0;
  $(".sleepy-close, .sleepy-overlay, .sleepy-wake-up").click(function () {

The last part of the code leads to click enabled pop up. How can I replace it with automatic pop up which occurs after 10 seconds of inactivity.

this will help you to capture 10 sec of inactivity in screen.change the code as such u need .

document.body.innerText = "hello count the seconds";
setIdleTimeout(10000, function() {
    document.body.innerText = "Where did you go?";
}, function() {
    document.body.innerText = "Welcome back!";

function setIdleTimeout(millis, onIdle, onUnidle) {
    var timeout = 0;

    function startTimer() {
        timeout = setTimeout(onExpires, millis);
        document.addEventListener("mousemove", onActivity);
        document.addEventListener("keypress", onActivity);
    function onExpires() {
        timeout = 0;

    function onActivity() {
        if (timeout) clearTimeout(timeout);
        else onUnidle();
        //since the mouse is moving, we turn off our event hooks for 1 second
        document.removeEventListener("mousemove", onActivity);
        document.removeEventListener("keypress", onActivity);
        setTimeout(startTimer, 1000);

Quick-Tip: Show Modal Popup after Time Delay, The popup will now open after your visitor has been browsing the site for ten seconds. Accessibility Concerns. There are a number of accessibility� Obviously, if you have your screen set to turn off after 10 minutes, but have your screensaver set to fire up at 15min of inactivity, it won’t work well. In fact, Power & Sleep has precedence, so if you do want to enjoy your screen saver, just make sure it turns on well before your inactivity powers off your screen. Easy enough once you know

To reset a setInterval, you need to clear it and set it again. Use the following code:

// Instead of idleTime = 0
idleInterval = setInterval(inActiveTimer, 10000);

See this answer for more info

How To Engage Mobile Visitors By Showing A Popup After Inactivity, campaigns? Here's how to create a popup after inactivity to get more subscribers. A Popup After Inactivity. by Sharon Hurley Hall on July 10, 2020 By default, OptinMonster enables the After 'X' Seconds display rule. This means that� I want to display a price alarm pop up after 10 seconds of inactivity of user. Right now the pop up appears only on click. I want to replace it. I tried my best but couldn't get it done. $(docume

Try this.

 var idleTime = 0;

 $(document).ready(function () {

  var idleInterval = setInterval(function(){ 
      if(idleTime >= 10){
        $(".sleepy-overlay").hide(); // enabling the popup 
        idleTime = 0;
    }, 1000); 

  $(this).mousemove(function (e) {
   idleTime = 0;

  $(this).keypress(function (e) {
   idleTime = 0;


How to display a popup in case of inactivity of the learner beyond 10 , Hello, Would it be possible to display a popup or an alert in case of 30 seconds = 0.5, 1 minute = 1, 2 mins = 2 etc. You would also want to consider how the slide advances after 10 minutes, automatically or by the user. After upgrading from an older version of the Windows Operating System to Windows 10, or even after upgrading from an older build of Windows 10 to a newer one, quite a few users start experiencing a variety of problems, chief among them being their computer going to sleep after 1-4 minutes of inactivity.

Pure JavaScript approach

You can keep a timer for 10 seconds using setTimeout and clear it whenever their is activity and restart it immediately.

var timeout;

function resetTimer(){
  console.log("Clearing timer because of activity");
  timeout = setTimeout(function(){
    alert("Done with 10 Seconds!");
    //Trigger your popup here
  }, 10000);

document.onmousemove = resetTimer;
document.onkeypress = resetTimer;
//You can add more activity event listeners like click etc.

Fire Event When User is Idle, See the two commented lines below, that is where you can insert code for This works by using a setTimeout function to fire at the end of the specified seconds. if I don't touch anything it will incorrectly assume I'm back after about 10 seconds. I've used WordPress since day one all the way up to v17, a decision I'm very� I've also tried completely disabling the screen saver and it still goes to the lock screen after inactivity. Doesn't even sleep just locks. The only difference between these two systems is that the one that doesn't work is 32bit (no idea if that has anything to do with it) but it only started locking after upgrading to windows 10.

Detecting If the User is Idle or Inactive, If you don't do anything for 2 seconds, the example thinks you are no longer a user has gone inactive (aka idle) using nothing but a few lines of sweet First, our code currently considers a user to be inactive after 2 seconds of idling. up all of the events to ensure we are detecting inactivity properly. Most of us think that the highest engagement occurs at the top of the page, right after a person has begun to consume the content. But as I’ve already shown you in the previous point, this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, visitors are most likely to bounce in those first seconds after landing on a page.

How to set timer idle in Vue. Do you need to check for the inactivity , Sign up and get an extra one for free. for inactivity for 3 seconds and show a modal with a 10-second timer. If there is no action during the 10 seconds session, automatically logout the It's a state from the idle-vue package. In Windows 10, the display is automatically dimmed 10 seconds before it is turned off. Turn off the display. When this time-out occurs, the display immediately turns off. However, the system continues to run and all applications continue to operate normally as if the display was powered on. When this time-out occurs, the display immediately

JavaScript Timers with setTimeout and setInterval, This is most commonly used with the clearTimeout() method (see below). using setTimeout() that sets the text colour back to black after 2 seconds: For example, the following code sets up an alert box to appear after 3 This is an example of JavaScript automatic popup closing after 10 seconds with�

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