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How to include a Javascript or CSS file in Yii Framework?

I want to create a page on my site that has a little Javascript application running, so I want to include .js and .css files in a specific view.

Something like this:

  $baseUrl = Yii::app()->baseUrl; 
  $cs = Yii::app()->getClientScript();

Displaying Data: Working with Client Scripts, I have this code in my widget … protected function registerClientScript() { Yii::app ()->clientScript->registerCssFile("/css/contract_editor.css");� Include JavaScript and CSS file in Yii Framework. While working on a project in YII in beginning I came to know a very nice way of including JavaScript and CSS style files in the Layout / View file in YII Framework. In YII we use. clientScript->registerCoreScript. and. clientScript->registerCssFile. functions. Please see the code below.

You can do so by adding


Include Javascript And Css - Yii Forums, rohitsuthar (Rohisuthar) September 6, 2018, 1:43pm #2. specify the directory - this way to include external css and js files to your view page - If your file is a CSS file, it goes here: (your yii project folder, or webroot)/css/ If your file is a JavaScript file, it goes here: (your yii project folder, or webroot)/js/ Simple, eh? Make sure your file is in the correct place before moving on. 2. Decide the best place to include your CSS or JavaScript file

Including Widget Css & Js Files - Yii Forums, So I plan on putting my javascript in an external file. I did a test multiloadSchedulingInterface.js'); // CAssetManager#publish-detail I didn't have to do this with a css file that I tested. Create a folder named as "assets" in module, Create two subfolders in "assets" as JS & CSS and include the files in the respective folders Create an asset file UserAsset.php which extends yii\web\AssetBundle class in the "assets" folder of module. Declare the following in UserAsset.php

Easy in your conf/main.php. This is my example with bootstrap. You can see that here

    'clientScript' => array(
        'scriptMap' => array(
            'jquery.js'=>false,  //disable default implementation of jquery
            'jquery.min.js'=>false,  //desable any others default implementation
            'core.css'=>false, //disable
            'styles.css'=>false,  //disable
            'pager.css'=>false,   //disable
            'default.css'=>false,  //disable
            'jquery'=>array(                             // set the new jquery
            'bootstrap'=>array(                       //set others js libraries
                'css'=>array(                        // and css
                'depends'=>array('jquery'),         // cause load jquery before load this.

How to add external Javascripts and Css files - Indian, The theme is within basic folder. Please help. MetaCrawler (MetCrawl) September 6, 2018, 2� An asset in Yii is a file that may be referenced in a Web page. It can be a CSS file, a JavaScript file, an image or video file, etc. Assets are located in Web-accessible directories and are directly served by Web servers. It is often preferable to manage assets programmatically.

In the view, add the following:

  $cs = Yii::app()->getClientScript();
  $cs->registerScriptFile('/js/yourscript.js', CClientScript::POS_END);

Please notice the second parameter when you register the js file, it's the position of your script, when you set it CClientScript::POS_END, you let the HTML renders before the javascript is loaded.

including Javascript files - General Discussion, Updated 21 day ago. Yii Framework. The following two scenarios provides a way to load JS and CSS files in the Yii application. Loading in a particular view file� If you are using the SVN development branch of Yii and find any asset file updated in the Yii framework after SVN update (e.g. jquery.yiigridview.js is changed due to a bug fix), you should clean up your assets folder so that the updated asset files can be re-published.

How to link CSS and JS file in theme layout file, How to include a Javascript or CSS file in Yii Framework? I want to create a page on my site that has a little Javascript application running, so I want to include .js� I loro sono molti luoghi in cui abbiamo file css e javascript, come nella cartella css che è al di fuori della cartella protetta, file css e js di estensione e widget che dobbiamo includere esternamente qualche volta quando usiamo molto ajax, file js e css di core quadro che dobbiamo anche includere esternamente.

How to load js and css files in Yii 2 application?, clear(), Clears up the registered meta tags, link tags, css/js scripts and files. files provided by an asset bundle including depending bundles files. yii\web\View . This post is about registering inline and external javascript files into views, Yii provided CClientScript to manage the scripts and CSS files in Yii application. How to Register or add External java script files : Here Script file located at webroot/resources/js., Yii::app()->baseUrl will return app base url.

Include CSS,javascript file in Yii Framework, the theme CSS file name. Defaults to 'jquery-ui.css'. Note the file must exist under the URL specified by themeUrl/theme.If you need to include multiple theme CSS files (e.g. during development, you want to include individual plugin CSS files), you may set this property as an array of the CSS file names.

  • should I call this from the controller of from the view?
  • You should call this from a view
  • @user1077220 It makes no difference.
  • CSS and JS registrations are relate to view. So more logically to call it from a view.
  • This should be added once per page (no matter in which view you will add above snippet)
  • So how would you then "call" the javascript where you need it to be implemented ?
  • you can use this way: Yii::app()->clientScript->registerCoreScript('bootstrap');
  • @Christian this is not a forum, and you are encouraged to add on to questions if you are contributing new AND useful information.
  • @Truongnq If I place this block $baseUrl = Yii::app()->baseUrl; $cs = Yii::app()->getClientScript(); $cs->registerScriptFile($baseUrl.'/js/yourscript.js'); $cs->registerCssFile($baseUrl.'/css/yourcss.css'); in the Controller, where do I assign $cs after? Moreover, in my actionView in my Controller I have this line $this -> render('view', array('model' => $this -> loadModel($id), ));, should I place it here?
  • am stuck on the best approach when using partial render. Am having my JS Files conflicting. Which is the best approach for this
  • Nice Solution. i will try it in my Application