ERROR ReferenceError: OktaSignIn is not defined

could not find a declaration file for module '@okta/okta-signin-widget
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I am trying to integrate okta with webpack and angular2, I am using almost everything correctly and I end up with error. I am using setup from as it is and also followed things correctly mentioned at

i tried to import okta-sign-in.min.js in vendor.ts as well in okta.service.ts with

import '@okta/okta-signin-widget/dist/js/okta-sign-in.min';

You definitely not following the steps. There's no significance of this line at all.

import '@okta/okta-signin-widget/dist/js/okta-sign-in.min';

okta-sign-in.min is a javascript which needs to be included either in index.html. If you are using angular-cli, then as mentioned in tutorial

"scripts": [

All steps in tutorial are correctly mentioned.

Step 1: Create 1 service

declare let OktaSignIn: any;

This line will be needed, intialize the constructor here as per need.

Step 2: calling this service in whatevercomponent.component.ts.

ERROR ReferenceError: OktaSignIn is not defined, with import '#okta/okta-signin-widget/dist/js/okta-sign-in.min'; file gets imported but still i get OktaSignIn is not defined error Thanks for any help in advance. a) To upgrade gulp to v4 - to me, that's not an option, and I don't want to re-write and re-config my frontend toolchain for Xth time. b) To downgrade Node to v11 - is also not an option to me, I don't want to jump through nvm hoops or even think about juggling node environments c) To pin graceful-fs to version 4.2.2 that's known to work under

import '@okta/okta-signin-widget/dist/js/okta-sign-in.min';
"scripts": [
declare let OktaSignIn: any;
var Oktasignin=new Oktasignin('okta-signin-widget');

Undeclared variable error- vkbeautify.0.99.00.beta.js:74 Uncaught , The browser displays empty screen with console error showing: Uncaught ReferenceError: ix is not defined I used the the widget few weeks https:// to To run this code without error, save this file as app.js and run it in your terminal using the command node app.js The code will show the output in the terminal server running. This means your code is running without any problem.


declare let OktaSignIn: any;
import '@okta/okta-signin-widget/dist/js/okta-sign-in.min';


var OktaSignIn = require('@okta/okta-signin-widget');

just read somewhere it happens because of tslint not webpack

Okta Sign-In Widget Guide, The Okta Sign-In Widget is a JavaScript library that gives you a fully-featured and see: // error } }); </script> Set http://localhost:8080 as a Login redirect URI and click Done. Page</h1> <div id="messageBox" class="jumbotron"> You are not logged in. Well, that file seems to be running on the server, not the browser, and there is no window on the server? Node does have a global object, but why would you use it. – adeneo Aug 30 '17 at 15:20

This requires a combination of correct typings and correct library integration. Okta unfortunately doesn't make this easy or clear in their docs or library maintainer responses to issues on their Github repository.

@parth-ghiya was most of the way there but his approach lacks typing support.

Here are my typings so that I can use the widget as a global (ambient) type.

declare class OktaSignIn {
  constructor(configuration: OktaSignInConfig);

interface OktaSignIn {
  renderEl(configuration: { el: string }): void;
  remove(): void;

  session: {
    get: (callback: (repsonse: any) => void) => void;

interface OktaSignInConfigAuthParams {
  issuer: string;
  display: 'page';
  scopes: string[];
  responseType: string[];

interface OktaSignInConfigi18n {
  en: {
    'primaryauth.username.placeholder': string;
    'primaryauth.username.tooltip': string;
    'error.username.required': string;
    'error.password.required': string;

interface OktaSignInConfig {
  baseUrl: string;
  logo: string;
  clientId?: string;
  redirectUri?: string;
  authParams: OktaSignInConfigAuthParams;
  i18n: OktaSignInConfigi18n;

Getting a strange 'OktaSignIn is not a constructor'?, Awesome, thanks resolved the not-a-constructor error. Next problem I'm getting is with the okta-signin-widget: $.cookie is not a function. Variable not declared foo.substring(1); // ReferenceError: foo is not defined The "foo" variable isn't defined anywhere. It needs to be some string, so that the String.prototype.substring() method will work. var foo = 'bar'; foo.substring(1); // "ar" Wrong scope. A variable needs to be available in the current context of execution.

错误ReferenceError:未定义OktaSignIn, Uncaught TypeError: $export is not a function at Object.<anonymous> ( bootstrap 28b7b13b5a317583a4df:19) main.js:6 Uncaught ReferenceError: OktaSignIn is not defined at Object. Please provide log or error messages if applicable. If L is not regular and is a proper subset of L1, does it follow that L1 is not regular? How have they traditionally handled safety on submarines in regards to "surface cruising"? how to say pretend in the context of a sentence

Bug: Failure to start development page, ERROR ReferenceError: OktaSignIn is not defined. 发表于 2017-04-26 06:42: 我试图用okta.service.ts中的vendor.ts中导入okta-sign-in.min.js. @Digitale_GFacchini said in ReferenceError: xxxx is not defined:. edit_std_id. This id is defined in a Component so it is a separate entity. QML engine treats it as if it was a separate QML file (so your current file has no access to ids from there, only to exposed properties if any.

angular - 错误ReferenceError:未定义OktaSignIn, The Okta Sign-In Widget. Install. npm i @okta/okta-signin-widget. Weekly Downloads. 37,368. Version. 4.3.2. License. Apache-2.0. Unpacked Size. 44.5 MB� I've use the latest version of moment js and include the minified js at the top of my script. Most of the time the moment timer is working fine, but sometimes it gives a error, which says, "ReferenceError: moment is not defined" I can't

  • Why did you used obfuscated libraries as sources?
  • i guess u will be able to load it via some webpack plugins. here is one of the module . Post your webpack config.
  • since i am using webpack can not directly include script in index file and i am not using angular-cli hence no place to add "scripts": [ "../node_modules/@okta/okta-signin-widget/dist/js/okta-sign-in.min.js" ], and import '@okta/okta-signin-widget/dist/js/okta-sign-in.min' is for importing library which does the job correctly
  • no that import wont work because okta-sign-in.min doesnt export anything. its a JS
  • in one of my other service in same project i used import 'aws-sdk/dist/aws-sdk'; declare const AWS: any; it worked. i believe even aws-sdk is a js which does not export anything, its a way to import entire module without importing any member, since there is no from. i got one temporary fix
  • probably its typings would have been present.!! you can import only if those modules are exported.