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I pass a variable title to my html document and access it there like this:

<h2><%= title %></h2> 

How can I access the same variable inside the <script> tag? I tried the following but it gives me an error:


Uncaught ReferenceError: title is not defined

Is this because the variable is in a different scope?

EDIT: I wanted to keep things simple in this post but based on the answers I realize that I should have mentioned that I use an external file for my script:

<script src="/javascripts/script.js"></script>

In this script I use jQuery for some stuff and I need the variable titlethere.

You can't access template variables in rendered output due to the nature of templates. However, you could render a javascript variable of the same name that is set to the literal value of the template variable. For example:

  var title = <%- JSON.stringify(title) %>;

Scope of Variables � The Julia Language, The scope of a variable cannot be an arbitrary set of source lines; instead, it will access the namespace of a nested global scope # through a qualified access� A Global variable is one that can be accessed from anywhere in your program. We try to prefix all Global variables with "G". For example, you could create a global variable called GClient_ID with the following command: Global GClient_ID As Integer

You'd have to do something like this as shown is this answer.

  var title = <%- JSON.stringify(title) %>;

about_scopes, using: - Used to access variables defined in another scope while running scripts via cmdlets like Start-Job and Invoke-Command . workflow:� You can also create a user-defined type by using the Type statement. You can declare several variables in one statement. To specify a data type, you must include the data type for each variable. In the following statement, the variables intX, intY, and intZ are declared as type Integer. Dim intX As Integer, intY As Integer, intZ As Integer

How can I access the same variable inside the <script> tag?

You can't. Variables in a program running on the server cannot be access by a program running on the client.

Since you have copied the value of the variable into the DOM of the page, you can read the value it held from there.


Declaring variables (VBA), Even if you set a reference to the Access type library from these applications, you must declare all Access object variables as type Object. Lexical scope simply means the other scopes have access to the variables defined in outer scopes. Let’s see it with an example: That looks stranger than what it is, so let’s explain it. The

I defined it like this -

<h2 style = "visibility:hidden" id = "events"><%= events %></h2> 


function initMap (){

var list =document.getElementById('events').innerHTML ;
      console.log("list = ", list)

Programming FAQ — Python 3.8.5 documentation, Why do lambdas defined in a loop with different values all return the same result In the example above you can access the outer scope variable by declaring it� The assignment is included to prevent the optimizer from removing the variable access. Compiling this file generates an .src file which contains the equivalent assembler code. Looking at the variable declarations in this file shows how to declare the 'extern' in C and access the global variable.

define global and local scope?, Any code inside that function can access (read and change) this variable. Any code outside it can't. It's local, so it's invisible from outside. alt. Variables defined in� Browse All Articles > Using "global" variables in MS Access A common question in the Access topic area is how to pass values between forms or reports. These threads frequently evolve into a discussion on how to save values so they can be used throughout the application. This article will discuss some of those techniques.

Global and local scope of Python variables — Tutorials on imaging , my_var = 3. The variable is global because any Python function or class defined in this module or notebook, is able to access this variable. For example:. Variable defined inside the method: The variables that are defined inside the methods can be accessed within that method only by simply using the variable name. Example – var_name. If you want to use that variable outside the method or class, you have to declared that variable as a global. filter_none.

How to call a variable from another function in Python, TLDR: Return the variable. There are other methods but they are not as clean. This is how I understand your question: How do I access a variable defined in a� User Defined Variables: These variables are defined by users. A shell script allows us to set and use our own variables within the script. Setting variables allows you to temporarily store data and use it throughout the script, making the shell script more like a real computer program.

  • Are you using ejs templates?
  • Yes, that's correct.
  • Thanks, but it is not quite what I need. I thought stuff inside the tag would be evaluated the same way as if I did it in an external file. Your solution does not work in my external file: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
  • Why can't you place the suggested template partial before your <script src="/javascripts/script.js"></script>? Then your /javascripts/script.js should have access to title just fine due to (global) scoping (assuming that you're rendering the output that contains <script src="/javascripts/script.js"></script> and it's not from a static file being served).
  • I tried this, but it does not compile there either.
  • What does "it does not compile" mean?
  • My editor says expression expected and if I run it anyways it says in the console: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
  • This does not compile for me :(
  • Read the accepted answer here. Depending upon how you've configued express/ejs you may need to approach it differently.