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I build an Artisan Command to receive data from a socket, and I want to write a unit-testing for this command but I'm not sure how to write such a test.

Anyone an idea how to write it?

It is much easier now:


class YourCommandTest extends TestCase

    public function testExample()
        $this->artisan('command', ['param' => 'value']);


Console Tests - Laravel, Laravel allows you to easily "mock" user input for your console commands using the expectsQuestion method. In addition, you may specify the exit code and text� Writing Better Test CLI Commands with Laravel and Artisan Laravel’s Artisan CLI comes with a plethora of useful commands and functionality out of the box. Unfortunately, there’s one thing it doesn’t come with: an easy way to run different types of tests.

Example of test


class YourCommandTest extends TestCase
    public function testExample()
        Artisan::call('your_command', [
            'command_parameter_1' => 'value1',
            'command_parameter_2' => 'value2',

        // If you need result of console output
        $resultAsText = Artisan::output();



Artisan CLI - Laravel, Introduction; Usage; Calling Commands Outside Of CLI; Scheduling Artisan Commands. Introduction. Artisan is the name of the command-line interface included with Laravel. You can add Guzzle 5 to your project by adding the following line to your Authorization � Artisan Console � Database � Eloquent ORM � Testing. In addition to the phpunit command, you may use the test Artisan command to run your tests. The Artisan test runner provides more information regarding the test that is currently running and will automatically stop on the first test failure: php artisan test. Any arguments that can be passed to the phpunit command may also be passed to the Artisan test command: php artisan test --group=feature

Maybe useful for someone

Artisan command Test Cases in Laravel 5.7

public function test_console_command()
         ->expectsQuestion('What is your name?', 'Ajay Makwana')
         ->expectsQuestion('Which language do you program in?', 'PHP')
         ->expectsOutput('Your name is Ajay Makwana and you program in PHP.')

Testing: Getting Started - Laravel, xml file, but make sure to clear your configuration cache using the config:clear Artisan command before running your tests! In� This laravel tutorial help to create new artisan command into laravel 5.Artisan is awesome feature of laravel. Artisan is the command-line interface of laravel.Laravel provides a number of helpful artisan commands for your use while developing your application. Internally, We will create command-line functions that you will interact with your Laravel application using CLI. There …

Testing Artisan Commands in Laravel 5.7, Laravel 5.7 is going to improve how you write Artisan console commands, with a new API contributed by Laravel employee Mohamed Said. Laravel PHP Artisan Commands list. There are the Following The simple About Laravel PHP Artisan Commands list Full Information With Example and source code.. As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop laravel artisan commands list, so the some major files and Directory structures for this example is following below.

Write Laravel Artisan Command with Test, First, create your custom command with php artisan make:command ReloadCacheCommand. Then open up the class located at� When Artisan boots, all the commands listed in this property will be resolved by the service container and registered with Artisan. Become a Laravel Partner Laravel Partners are elite shops providing top-notch Laravel development and consulting.

How do you test your commands? (phpunit), Hi guys, I'm trying to write test cases for Commands in PHPUnit, without much success. /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/TextUI/Command.php:138 PHP 5. It may be helpful to review how laravel core console commands are� Basic Laravel Commands. Some of the basic laravel commands are mentioned below: 1. To list out all the Artisan commands. php artisan list: This command will list all the available commands that are a part of laravel – artisan console. It starts with giving the syntax of executing the command i.e. php artisan [command] [options] [arguments] where,

  • ?
  • This was a better approach for me:
  • Where is your assertion ? What do you assert for ?
  • That will depend entirely on what you want to happen. There would be a setup before the $this->artisan() call and the assertions after it.
  • @Mkey My use case was to create X DB records using factories before $this->artisan. Then after I assert X jobs were queued.
  • Found this approach simple and useful for acceptance testing. However, it will not register code coverage for the command itself.
  • I run tests with option --coverage-html to generate coverage report: phpunit --coverage-html coverage_path. And I see coverage of methods what called inside command.
  • @alariva, we have identical versions of phpunit and laravel. I think, problem may be with settings in phpunit.xml.
  • I have not option processUncoveredFilesFromWhitelist="true"
  • I've noteced some work pending in my test case. But I believe the approach works just fine as you say. Thanks for hinting. I will update once I recha to cover those missing lines.