HTML - How can I create an increment/decrement textbox on an HTML page?

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How can i create a increment/decrement text box in HTML Page using jquery or Javascript....

and also i want to set maximum and minimum values....

How to i achieve this?

Have a look here. I have also used it.


Increment decrement textbox in html, How to i achieve this? How can i create a increment/decrement text box in HTML Page using jquery or Javascript. up vote 0 down vote favorite. Bootstrap� Increment & Decrement. The increment and decrement operators in JavaScript will add one (+1) or subtract one (-1), respectively, to their operand, and then return a value. The term operand is used extensively in this article. An operand is the quantity on which an operation is to be done.

Simple :)


<div id="incdec">
    <input type="text" value="0" />
    <img src="up_arrow.jpeg" id="up" />
    <img src="down_arrow.jpeg" id="down" />

Javascript(jQuery) :

        $("#incdec input").val(parseInt($("#incdec input").val())+1);

        $("#incdec input").val(parseInt($("#incdec input").val())-1);


Add (+/-) Button Number Incrementers, A common use would be a "quantity" input on an eCommerce site. Nothing extra added, just clean HTML. …increment value up one; Else if the “minus” button is clicked… …decrement the value you might wish to save the value automatically after a button is pressed, making it feel a little View Demo Download Files� What you do is have a text box, set the char width to 2 or 3 and set it to readonly. Tthen create an image of an uparrow and a down arrow like the one you want and place it on the right of your textbox set javascript onClick event to your arrow up down images

did you try input type="number"?

HTML DOM Input Number stepUp() Method, The stepUp() method increments the value of the number field by a specified number. Tip: To decrement the value, use the stepDown() method. Browser Support� You can create one HTML Block for increment button and another one for decrement. Place both HTML Blocks below the field that you will be using the buttons for. In Advanced Settings of the Field enable "Continue next element on the same line" checkbox.

I think you can use jquery ui spinner . For a demo take a look at the link here

HTML input step Attribute, Example: if step="3", legal numbers could be -3, 0, 3, 6, etc. Tip: The step attribute can be used together with the max and min attributes to create a range of legal� Below is the HTML code which restrict the number field with below two features. It will accept only number as input. Spin button on the number field will be invisible.

Try this Spinner Control. hope this will help you.

Increment/Decrement Button, I am trying to create an increment/decrement button so that the user Thus, in IE11, this control does not appear as a spinner, but as a normal text field. You can create one HTML Block for increment button and another one for Please follow this link for the demo page� The stepUp () method increments the value of the number field by a specified number. Tip: To decrement the value, use the stepDown () method.

Increment/Decrement A Number Input With Up/Down Buttons , Increment/Decrement A Number Input With Up/Down Buttons – ispinjs. Category: Official Page: Go to website. Last Update Create a normal text field for the input spinner. Circular Progress Bar With Plain HTML / CSS. The id defines which counter to increment. The number sets how much the counter will increment on each occurrence of the selector. The default increment is 1. Negative values are allowed. If id refers to a counter that has not been initialized by counter-reset, the default initial value is 0: initial: Sets this property to its default value

<input type="time">, input elements of type time create input fields designed to let the user and up and down arrows to increment and decrement the currently� Appending Increment Buttons. We need to append these buttons to each input. You’ll notice in the markup that each label/input pair is wrapped in a DIV. This is good practice so that label inputs get broken onto their own line (better readability) for when CSS is turned off. It’s also required for validation with some DOCTYPES.

<input type="date">, input elements of type="date" create input fields that let the user enter a date, either with a textbox A textbox containing “dd/mm/yyyy”, an increment/ decrement button This HTML submits the entered date under the key bday to A popup calendar picker modal floats above the web page and browser UI. What I'm aiming to do is create next/previous page buttons at the top of a html page, and say I'm on 'book.html', with the current 'display' ID content being 'page-1.html' through ajax, if i click the 'next' button it will load 'page-2.html' through ajax, WITHOUT reloading the page.

  • What do you mean by increment/decrement text box or list box? Do you want to increment value in that box or do you want to increase/decrease number of such boxes? And what do you mean by list box? Do you mean select element?
  • Hi @Maverick.. It's not select control.. i need a html textbox with 2 arrow img buttons... when click up arrow want to increment the integer value & when click down arrow want to decrement that integer value....
  • Oh! In that case input type="number" is what you are looking for.
  • Yes... But i am not using HTML5.. so input type="number" is not there in html...
  • Check the answer I posted a few mins back
  • Hi @rahul... Thanks for your replay.... i need to use HTML controls only not ASPX controls..
  • hi @ManikandanSethuraju i have used this with html controls only you can use it simply with html control also
  • Yes @rahul..... i tried with html text box.. its working fine... But, one thing when i remove $("#switcher").themeswitcher(); that up/down arrow image is not displaying...
  • Oops... when i changed the image path from CSS.. its working fine... Thank you very much for your answer...
  • 404 Page showing... Please give any trusted site link.
  • Hi @Maverick... Thanks for your answer... i need a textbox like above image (in my question).. dont want to use any buttons....
  • Replace those buttons with images.
  • As Maverick has pointed out, you can achieve what's required using his code in combination with images and imaginative CSS. Place your textbox, increment image and decrement image inside a div. Remove the border from the textbox and instead apply the border to the div in the fashion of your desired textbox look. This will create the illusion that the increment and decrement images are inside the textbox when in actuality, the textbox and images are inside a div that simply looks like a textbox. This is a literal case of thinking outside of the box :-)
  • @Maverick: Based on the above code, I'd like to know how to stop decrementing at 0.