How do I show branches only inside one branch folder or subfolder?

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I have organized my branches into folders and subfolders. I am only accessing my GIT repo through the CLI. I would like to be able to list only branches inside a branch folder.

FEATURE/branch-1 FEATURE/branch-2 FEATURE/CURRENT/branch-000 FEATURE/CURRENT/branch-001 FEATURE/CURRENT/branch-002 * master dev v2.0.0/branch-3 v2.1.0/branch-4 v2.1.0/branch-5

> git branch shows me everything, however I would like to only see the v2.1.0 folder. Is there a command that can output only the v2.1.0 branch folder from my example above?

Also, as a bonus, is there a way to get a branch subfolder FEATURE/CURRENT/**?

git branch --list *v2.1.0* will show all branches with v2.1.0 in their branch name

Require branches to be created in folders, Azure DevOps Services, TFS, and Visual Studio treat / as a folder Only master can exist at the repository root. Note. For more examples and information about branch naming strategies, see Adopt a Git branching strategy. When you right-click a folder or branch and click Properties, you display different information and different functionality. When you perform branch operations, branches have important advantages over folders. Branches support version control features that provide extra visibility into your branch structure and into where your changesets have merged.

Probably git show branch is what you're looking for. You can use globs and everything.

For instance, if you've got master, b/one and b/two

git show-branch b/*

will show

! [b/one] Some changes
 ! [b/two] changed to kk2
 + [b/two] changed to kk2
++ [b/one] Some changes

There's a bit of stuff (like the last commit) besides the branch name, but that will only list the branches you are looking for.

Git: checkout files or directories from another branch –, You probably knew that a branch can be "checked out" with the `git checkout branch-name` command, but interestingly, a single file or a directory can also be � Organizing git branches in logical folders Tue, Dec 10, 2013. It is easier to find things when they are well organized. If you are a git user a good practice to name the branches would be to use descriptive names including slashes "/" (as in paths) where everything before the slash is the folder you want to use and then the logical name after it.

Try this one:

git branch -a --list v2.1.0/*

I think it will solve your problem

Branches in a Nutshell, To visualize this, let's assume that you have a directory containing three files, subdirectory (in this case, just the root project directory) and stores them as a The git branch command only created a new branch — it didn't switch to that branch. You can see the master and testing branches that are right there next to the� OOB SharePoint online does not support view to show the subfolder of the document library. Steps to set the document library web part view to a specific subfolder: Create a view of the document library Create a document library and create a view of being able to use it in the page viewer web part.

Solved: Is it possible to have 2 local folders, each conta, I seem to only be able to switch the 1 project folder between the branches. What I need is the ability to I don't want to switch branches within the existing folder. I want to keep branch A in the A folder then check out branch B into the B folder. View All Subfolders and Files within the Same Window at the Same Time I just got a new laptop - switching back from a Mac so a bit rusty with Windows. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to expand a file folder to view all of the subfolders and files within that folder at the same time.

Splitting a subfolder out into a new repository, You can turn a folder within a Git repository into a brand new repository. To filter out the subfolder from the rest of the files in the repository, run git filter- branch The repository should now only contain the files that were in your subfolder. Tip: For information on the difference between HTTPS and SSH URLs, see "Which� I seem to only be able to switch the 1 project folder between the branches. What I need is the ability to have a 2nd, completely different folder contain branch B. 1 folder for branch A - 1 folder for branch B. That way I can show 1 thing on branch A then show the equivalent thing on branch B and have them side by side.

22. Inside Git: .Git directory, Files in the tags subdirectory should be familiar to you. Each file The heads folder is almost identical and is used not for tags, but branches. At the moment we have only one branch, and everything you see in this folder is a master branch. That being said, Let's explore some ways of organizing branches, so you don't get lost in a sea of code. Gitflow Although Gitflow doesn't mention branch folders, many devs use "Feature branches", "Hotfix branches" and "Release branches" and create folders accordingly. So basically, a GitFlow organization would have these three folders: feature[s]

  • Side note to all the answers below: if you're using a Unix style shell, you may need to quote the asterisk in some circumstances, e.g., git branch --list 'v2.1.0/*'. This occurs when there's also a file that matches the pattern: the shell will expand the * before Git ever has a chance to use it for branch names.
  • This answer is nice. I like the simplicity of the output and I may add that I can reduce this by one more character git branch --list v2.1.0*
  • Now that I played with this and accepted the answer, I'd like to now see if there's a not command. so look for all ** v2.1.0* ** but not TEST
  • You could pipe it into grep. Not sure how to do NOT within the git branch command. git branch --list v2.1.0* | grep -iv test The 'v' negates the grep and the 'i' makes it case insensitive.
  • Great link, but this shows me an exhaustive list of commits whereas I'm trying to quickly see what branches are inside one branch folder. git show branch shows commits, which I am not looking for.
  • If I can see an example what <pattern> would look like. I also do not need to see what is in the remote repository.
  • git branch --list *OBE* will show all branches with OBE in their branch name